How to Tutor Math

How to tutor math? Unlike other subjects, being a math tutor is different from the conventional teaching methodology. Math is a vast subject that requires excellent command of the subject. The basic requirement of math teaching is to clear the basics of the students at the first phase. Without proper basics, the students won’t be able to get the deep understanding of the formulas and derivation at the higher level. If you want to be a part of elementary mathematics teaching, it is important to opt for a methodology that is easy to understand and appeals to the children. In the primary classes, the math’s curriculum starts with basic number systems, addition, subtraction, division and multiplication. It is important to teach elementary students in a practical way, so that they understand the complex formulation in an effective way.

If you want to teach mathematics, it is important that you are approaching a right channel to get the job in this field. There is a vacuum in this field and it has been noticed that parents and students often look for a math’s teacher. If you want to join the bandwagon and look for the best opportunity to grab, you need to publicize yourself via different mode of job hunting. For an ideal math tutor’s job, it is required to make an ideal portfolio that reflects your key skill sets and your experience. It helps in getting excellent opportunities from leading schools and colleges. A senior college provides a huge opportunity and a very competitive remuneration to its teachers and lecturers. Being a math’s teacher does not require ample amount of experience however educational qualification is must for this. A good academic record along with a clear concept is useful. While teaching mathematics to the students, it is important to go through one-on-one discussion with them individually, as it helps in understanding the grasping level of the students. It primarily focuses on what style of teaching you need to implement for them.

Let’s have a look at some of the key points that needs to be followed while teaching mathematics:

  • Emphasize on problem solving skills
  • Attempt the problem
  • Error correction and rectification
  • Guide the students

Emphasize on problem solving skills- Most often, it is noticed that the teachers explain the mathematical problems in a very complex manner. They gave a formula for different problems but they never explain how the formula is derived and what use it holds in practical life. It is always useful to give your students mathematical problems to solve. Once the problem is solved, you need to discuss the particular complex problem with the students to provide them a better understanding of the problem. This practice is mandatory and it should come into force to provide your students better understanding of the mathematical problems.

Attempt the problem- Students should attempt the problem themselves and then offer them the mandatory guidance, as it helps them in generating problem solving skills and improvising their mind to resolve the necessary problem themselves. It is one of the best practices. It is also useful to provide your students diversified problems to solve. It makes them aware of variety of problems one can have for a particular topic. It is also required to offer them understanding of formula derivation instead of giving them main formula to use, as it helps them in understanding from where the respective formula comes from and what are its important subordinates while deriving. It helps in a great way while going to a senior level and get anode of the challenging problems. It is mandatory for every teacher to keep an eye on the personal and psychological growth of the students. Problem solving techniques need to be introduced to the students that help in solving the relevant problems in a record time.

Error correction and rectification- It is important that students should gather the problem solving skills and know how to rectify the problems in a systematic manner. Some of the important points while solving any mathematical problems:

  • What is in the problem- List the fact and information given in the problem, underline every unidentified factors, convert all the numerical units into the relevant one and at the last stage insert the given units into the formula.
  • What you need to calculate- It is important to understand what is required in the given problem and what you need to find out. For a better result, instantly try to separate all the units.

If after attempting the problem you are not able to get the required result, it is advisable to recheck the whole theorem and apply the formula. Make sure the unit conversion is done properly before applying the units at the relevant field of the formula. While correction, it helps in generating new ideas that helps in solving the problems in an effective ways. It is the best form of practice.

Guide the students- It is important that while guiding your students, try to mold them in such a way that they are able to solve any new topic in an effective way. A strong base is an important requirement that helps in achieving great heights in mathematics. It is important that your students acquaint with the necessary shortcuts to solve the problem in a short time span. Never club two different mathematical subjects together for i.e. algebra, geometric or statistics, as it makes the things complicated and students would be unable to understand effectively.

It is important for every parents and teachers to understand how to tutor maths, as unlike other subjects, it requires different approach to teach the students. It is important that study should be fun for the students and they get an urge to learn more while studying. It is important to understand the learning ability of every student while teaching them.

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