How to Unclog a Toilet

The thought of unclogging a toilet might sound a bit obnoxious, but it is one the certainties that everyone has to face in a lifetime. There are numerous items that can cause your bathroom to clog, like toilet paper, hair, or even some wired stuffs like toys, razors, jewelry or even mobile phones. The article will basically focus on different ways on how to unclog a toilet and help you to bring your life back to normalcy. However, never flush your toilet again once you have realized that it has clogged or else you will have a huge annoying mess in your bathroom to clean up.

  • Plunging – It is probably the most easiest and common way to unclog a toilet. Households across the globe use this method at least once a day to keep the toilet clog free. However, plunging method won’t work if the clog has been caused by toys or similar stuffs, but if it has been caused by hair or toilet paper, then go grab a plunger. When using a plunger make sure that there’s water covering on its ball end. You will have to add some more water if there is not enough water available in the toilet to do this. Water covering the plunger’s ball end will allow for more pressure by creating a better seal. Once the water leaves the toilet bowl, use the plunger firmly and then you can flush the toilet again to ascertain that the clog is removed entirely. After clearing the clog, put a bucket of hot water in the toilet to release any remaining debris that can lead to clogging again in the future
  • Sewer Snake – Another option in the list of how to unclog a toilet is to use a sewer snake. Sewer snakes are basically coiled wires that can remove any material responsible for clogging by moving easily through the pipes of your household plumbing. To use a sewer snake you need to insert one of its ends into the toilet and keep pushing and working through it until you find the clog. Once reaching the clog, keep twisting and pushing the snake till it breaks through the clog. After the water starts draining, go ahead and flush the toilet again to get rid of any excess debris
  • Hot Water and Dish soap – This is also one of the easiest ways to unclog a toilet. All you need to do is squirt some dish soap into the toilet drain and then dump a large bucket of hot boiling water. The procedure raises the temperature of the water that surrounds the clog and helps to loosen and get rid of all the materials responsible for clogging your toilet pipes. The usage of dish soap helps to give a bit of lubrication to the entire process of unclogging. Once you have successfully got rid of the clog, dump another bucket of hot water in the toilet to wash out any excess glop that might have built up in the toilet pipes

It is true that there never was or  will be a good time to plunge a toilet, but ironically clogs seem to happen at the most inconvenient moments. Fortunately, there are ways by which you can you clear clogs yourself without having to pay a plumber. Follow these simple yet effective aforementioned steps to learn how to unclog a toilet, and you should have all problems unclogged before your friends come home for dinner. However, if nothing works, then probably you have a problem deeper in the plumbing lines and to sort it out, you need to call a plumber.

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