How to Untangle Bike Chain

A very important part of your cycle is your bike chain. The chain generates the force that carries power from the pedal to the wheel. This makes the wheel to move. Sometimes the chain gets tangled. You need to know how to untangle bike chain using some easy methods. You can find many papers on the internet that talk about untangling the chain. If you are going on a long bike trip, you should go through this paper. This paper can surely help you to untangle your chain.

When you manufacture the bicycle chain, the hollow rivets hold two side plates together. When you unlink the bicycle chain while riding the bike, the ends of the rivets flush with the inner plates. The outer plates cover the inner rivets. Bike chains only become irritating when they get the twists in them. Here you can find the method of untangling the chain as easy as possible:

How to untangle bike chain:

  1. Take the longest part of the chain in one hand. Take the part of the tangle, which is hanging loose in your other hand.
  2. Bring the free part of the tangle to the longest part. You need to do this in a delicate, straight line. You cannot allow further tangling to take place.
  3. Now, take the chain in your hands from below and turn the chain upside down. Shake with force for quick untangling. The chain will untangle itself as you start to shake.

If you follow this procedure, the chain will untangle 80 to 90 percent of the time. If the chain doesn’t untangle at first, try the whole procedure once again. If this method fails even after a few patient tries, you should not lose all your hope. Just keep a look at what tangles remain in the chain. Try to remove the tangles by taking the smaller length of the chain at a time than previously. Just take little tangle by little tangle, and restore it to a straight line.

Just make sure of any wear or tear in your chain before putting it to use on a bike.It is quite natural that chains might get tangled up. But when it got tangled on the bike then you need not panic at all. You can untangle the chain without breaking the chain.

Just patiently try to work the chain in different directions and after some time the chain begins to straighten out. I suggest you to do it yourself. When you untangle it at your own, you will be proud.

Don’t over lubricate the chain as it can increase the mess. In reality, very little oil is required. When you hear shrilling, just put one drop of bike oil on each link. Rotate a few times and remove the excess with an old rag.

You can also carry a little thing in back by the back wheel. This thing kind of sticks out and holds the chain, and there should also be a gear on it that is small, maybe of 3 inches in diameter. This is known as derailleur. Derailleur changes the gears. When you push this thing in towards the crankshaft, it will loosen the chain. This will eventually make the chain easier to untangle.

One more thing, most importantly, you need to tighten the chain.


A chain guard should be there to protect the bike’s chain.

You need to know how best you can lubricate your bike chain. Liquid lubricants that go inside the links are not easily displaced. They quickly attract dirt. Dry lubricants on the other hand that contain wax or Teflon are made up of an evaporating solvent and remain cleaner in use. The cardinal rule for long life of your chain is to never lubricate a dirty chain. This can wash abrasive particles into the rollers. You need to clean the chains before lubrication. You should wipe the chain dry after the lubricant gets enough time to penetrate the links. There is also an alternative approach. This is to change the chain with a relatively cheap chain. In this case, now proper care is less important. Some utility bicycles come with fully enclosing chain guards, which virtually eliminate chain wear and maintenance.

You never want your bike chain to get tangles. These tangles can make it difficult for you to enjoy your ride. So you need to remove the tangles at any cost. I am quite sure that by now you have enough on how to untangle bike chain.

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