How to Untangle Matted Hair

The people who have hair longer than five or six inches know the pain of matted hair. Some people enjoy the matted hair while most of them want to untangle matted hair. If you are also the one looking to know how to untangle matted hair, this paper can be of your help.

When you have long matted hair, you have to struggle at some point or another due to the matted hair. Various techniques are available, with which you can get rid of matted hair. You can follow these techniques to get rid of matted hair:

  1. You can spray a detangler on your hair for maximum effect. It is possible to get matted hair free without detangler. This needs hair to be wet. So you must use water.
  2. You can break the matted hair with the help of a comb using a gentle motion. Sometimes, it grows at either side and in that case, work your way toward the middle that is the middle part.
  3. I believe your hair is not breaking by now. Apply the detangler again and if it is still breaking, repeat the above steps again. Maintain a grip on the hair by touching the scalp both while combing and brushing. This is to protect it from breakage. It is natural to have some breakage but the goal is to prevent the whole mat from breaking off with all of your hair.
  4. Now just enjoy beautiful mat-free hair. Always use a leave in conditioner after each wash and never sleep with your hair in a ponytail or a braid.

How to untangle matted hair of your pet:

You have a pet like a dog or a cat and she is carrying long locks. Brushing or combing the mats can result into great deal of discomfort. You should not pull the mats of hair when you find them. Instead of this, gently get rid of mats and tangles.

You can develop dematting skills with practice over time. They are much similar to scissoring and styling. The following techniques are presented as a means of developing your skill in dematting. The more you practice these techniques, the more easily you are able to get your result without any discomfort of the pet. You can go through these techniques:

Divide and Conquer – Mat Splitting

You can split matted fur into smaller pieces. By slicing the matted hair into smaller pieces, you can easily untangle the hair. It also results in less discomfort to the animal. The most trusted tool used for splitting mats is a plastic letter opener. It looks quite similar to a business card. This opener contains a single tooth and a blade in the corner.

Pick, Don’t Pull:

Most matted hair breaks away easily with the use of a picking action rather than trying to pull a comb or rake through a chunk of hair. Correct picking technique is very important. You are just moving the tool in and out of the hair. You are not pulling through. You need to pick from the ends of the hair toward the skin, not otherwise. Make your wrist to relax and then get some kind of whipping action flows. The goal behind picking is to loosen the hair. After that, you will get more separation with a comb.

Attack from the Side

Now you get an area, which you divide by splitting. This area is also loosened by picking. You can now finish by combing through. I prefer to use a coarse comb and start from one side of a piece of matted hair rather than a front and center approach.

Slipping N Sliding

The products that can help the hair to be slippery will ease the detangling efforts. There are many such different products available in the market. One such product is Cowboy Magic Detangler and Shine. Some people also do dematting in the tub on a wet pet.

Blow it Out – The Use of Air

You can also use airflow as an aid in untangling hair. You can achieve it from a high velocity dryer or a traditional stand/arm dryer. The force of air will help to lose some of the hair that forms a tangle.

Bathing – The Use of Water

Many groomers are advised to never bathe a matted coat. It is believed that bathing can cause the matted fur to tighten its grip. This is quite true when the matted fur is not combed out after the coat is dried. Cleaning and conditioning help to release the tangles. You should not rub products into tangled hair. Rubbing can result into a bad situation.

Tools and Products

You should use the products, which suits best for you. When you are splitting large matted areas, use the tools that have replacement blades. These tools are generally very sharp. You can use a V shaped comb for picking technique. You can also go for a wide toothcomb or coarse comb. You can use a teflon coated coarse-medium comb on small dogs such as Bichon.  A larger wooden-handled poodle comb is preferred for larger dogs.


You can practice and develop your dematting techniques by finding tools and products that work for you. Also, you can market yourself as a specialist and charge high amounts of money. You are now in full control to determine on which animals and for which clients you can apply your special skills.  You should not demat a screaming, hysterical dog who can’t take even a little pain.

Also, detangling products are another personal choice. These products perform two functions, they remove static electricity that makes the hair to hold together and they also make the hair slippery. Due to which, it slides apart more easily with no breakage. You can experiment with small quantities of different products. Then, you can finalize your product. I am quite sure that by now, you get enough on how to untangle matted hair.

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    Great article, it is truly so painful to unmatt really tangled or matted hair. There is a product called the Take Down Remover Cream that works really well on all hair types to detangle severely matted hair.

    But remember “pick…don’t pull”

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