How to Untangle your Headphones

You can find many gadgets nowadays that carry long wires with them. One such gadget is your headphone. Your headphone is your best friend in leisure time. You listen to your favorite music in your headphone. Sometimes, it happens that the wires of your headphones are tangled and you are looking for how to untangle your headphones. There are many gadgets to prevent your cords from tangling the wires. When your headphone cords are tangled, you cannot do anything except to take  time to untangle them.

There are so many tangles in your wires that you can also end up in more tangles while trying to untangle the twists. You cannot attack the tangles of cords with just force, as it can create more mess. You need to be patient. You also need to have a plan to untangle the wires.

How to untangle your headphones:

  1. First of all, look out for the headphone plug at one end of the tangle of cords. Once you get it, take it in your hands.
  2. Now move your fingers slowly across the cord until the end disappears into the tangle of cords.
  3. Take the tangled cords in one hand and move the headphone cord with the other. With this action, you will see a small section of the cord moving in the mess of cords.
  4. Now leave the headphone cord and hold the piece of cord that moved. Pull the cord up and also pull the headphone plug through the knot. You have to work the plug itself through the knot.
  5. You need to repeat this process till you reach a knot and then draw the plug through the knot. You need to do it until the entire headphone set is free.

Tips & Warnings:

  • If your headphone cord splits into multiple plugs, you just have to repeat the process for each plug. You have to reach the point where they all come together. Now, complete the process for the rest of the cord.
  • You should not choose long wires for your headphones, unnecessarily. When the length of the wires is very long, the chances of getting the tangles easily are also more.

You never want that your headphones’ wires get tangles. These tangled wires can make it difficult for you to listen to your favorite music. So you need to remove the tangles at any cost. You should also take care that the wires will not break while removing tangles. I am quite sure that now you get enough on how to untangle your headphones. Now you can hear your music at ease.

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