How to Use a Paddle Ball

Paddle ball is not any Olympic sport, but still a favorite of many. It might not be something to show off, but if you play it well, you will enjoy it. This sport tests your alertness, attention, speed and flexibility. To master it you should know how to use a paddle ball.

Paddle ball is a very simple sport but you have to be very attentive and quick in responding. A ball is tied to a paddle by elastic, and you have to hit the ball continuously as it comes back without missing it. You should first master the sport individually and then compete with your friends. If this sounds interesting, here is some information that will help you know how to use a paddle ball.

How to use a paddle ball?

  • Get a good paddle ball, which is well-made and has a strong string with a nice volume ball.
  • Next you will need is a paddle ball racket. Opt for thick wood and a wide based racket that has good grip.
  • You will need to place the paddle in a position that the ball hangs down. If someone is there with you, ask him/her to hold the paddle or else place it at some appropriate location.
  • Bounce the ball suspended by the elastic two three times.
  • Once the ball starts bouncing, hit it with your paddle. This strategy will help you master the sport.
  • Once you have mastered this, play paddle ball in the actual form. Hit the ball every time, and try to hit it right with the center of the paddle. Once you have mastered it by suspending the ball downwards, turn the paddle the other way.
  • Now try hitting the ball again.
  • Practice hitting the paddle ball every day for at least 15-20 minutes. This will help you gain excellence in the sport.
  • The string, by which the ball is suspended, can be adjusted to increase or decrease the bouncing distance of the ball from the paddle.
  • To further excel, play using two paddleballs. This will make you more alert and highly responsive. The more quick you respond, the more number of times you hit the ball.
  • Once you have mastered playing it individually, you can then compete with your friends. There are many paddleball matches organized. Surf the internet to find out more about the same, in your vicinity.
  • Participating in competitions will help you learn the techniques of others who excel in the sport.

It is a very simple, but interesting sport. You can impress your peers and kids by mastering this simple game, and also offering them some help to learn the game well. Follow the simple instructions mentioned above, and learn how to use a paddleball. It is not a very tough sport; it only needs alertness and concentration. It is a complete exercise for your eyes, brain, hands and legs. It sharpens your reflexes as well.

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