How to Use a Snatch Block

It is important to know what a snatch block is, before delving into the idea of how to use a snatch block. To make it precise, snatch block is a specially designed block that is meant to “snatch” loads or blocks. It is a pulley inside a metal casing, which helps in lifting heavy objects. In order to handle thousand of pounds of weight, snatch block is made of heavy-duty materials. A single block weighs around ten pounds, and is compact enough to be easily tucked away in your vehicle. These mechanical devices can be found easily at almost every off-road supply centers and come handy if your vehicle is equipped with a winch. However, you need to know exactly how to use a snatch block, for it is the most misused and misunderstood item in the RV winching field, which can lead to extremely serious injury and even death at times. You don’t really want to be caught in an ominous scenario, wherein a snatch block is overloaded, and the block dangerously parts away from the anchor, and you witness a ten-pound missile coming at a great a speed towards you, killing you instantly.

Now you know the risky side of using snatch blocks. However, the time to press the panic button is far away, for if you know the exact process of how to use a snatch block and its way of functioning, it can prove to be of great mechanical advantage. Designs of snatch blocks enable the side plates to be opened or swung away for the easy insertion of a loop of cable or rope, without the necessity to thread a bitter end through the side plates. Using a snatch block greatly enhances the pulling power of a winch. If a winch drum is entirely spooled with the help of a cable, it will have less power. It is advisable to reel the cable all the way out that will change the effective pull ratio due to less line being on the drum. Therefore, the basic thing you need to know if you want to understand how to use a snatch block is that it can be attached to anything the vehicle is winching to, and the winch line passes through the block on the pulley and back to the vehicle. This process would mean more pulling power being available for extraction due to more line being out of the winch drum.

Technology has always been a means to simplify human life to a great extent. However, it has also been one of the major causes of deaths in the society. Safety lies in being careful and cautious. As already mentioned, snatch blocks can prove to be fatally dangerous if hooked improperly. The winch and the vehicle exert too much force on them, and on being overexerted, can fail violently. Make sure that the item or material you hook the snatch block to is solid enough to take the force. Always buy the most expensive and best block available in the market, for it is pivotal that they function perfectly every singe time when you use it. If the steel winch lines snap, they release a great amount of energy and can go flying. To avoid it, use a heavy jacket or any other weight on the lines. If you are using electric winches, then you could save your life, for they have a tendency to stop or slow down when excessive weight is put on them. On the other hand, hydraulic winches keep pulling until the snatch block or the line snaps.

It is understandable now that snatch blocks are of great mechanical advantage and a real benefit when it comes to lifting heavy objects. However, you need to be careful, and should know the exact process of how to use a snatch block.

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