How to Use a Vanishing Point in Adobe Photoshop

You have a photograph and wish to give it a different look, what better option than using Adobe Photoshop CS3. However, the Adobe Photoshop has many features and if you are not a professional Photoshop user, you may not be aware of all these features. One such feature is the ‘Vanishing point’. Now if you have a question ‘how to use a vanishing point’, here is the answer to this question.

Vanishing point in Adobe Photoshop CS3 is a filter that can be added to the digital images. This feature is used to create planes in perspectives. This gives an illusion of three dimensional spaces. With these planes, you can import images in your original image so that the imported images settle in the original image.

With this collation of images you will get an image, which makes the image look as if it was actually shot and not cropped with Adobe Photoshop. You can add text to buildings, add any other image and make it look real. For example, if you have a Britney Spears photograph holding hands with someone you can add your image besides Britney and boast of being with her.

Vanishing point can be used as follows:

  1. Choose any image for which you want to use the vanishing point. Open this image with ‘Adobe Photoshop’. For this, right click on the image and choose ‘Open with’ option. In this option, you have ‘Adobe Photoshop CS3.’ Open the image using this option.
  2. Once you open this image, select the ‘Filter’ option on the top of the screen. Then choose the ‘vanishing point’. Once you choose this point a new window opens.
  3. In this window, to the left side of the image, click on the option of ‘Create Plane’ in the menu. Now using your mouse hover over the area on the image where you wish to add a ‘Vanishing point filter’, such as the floor, roof or wall. Using the mouse click at the first corner, moving to the second corner, third corner and then to the fourth corner. This will create a four sided grid on that section of the image.
  4. Now you can click and drag the small white handle on the vanishing point plane. This will help you to set the size of the plane. You can adjust the size of the plane.
  5. On the Mac, click and hold the drag or control key. Now click and drag any one of the white square handle along the edge of the plane, adjacent to the area where you want to make another plane. For example if you have made a plane on one wall, you have to make a plane on the adjacent wall, ceiling or floor.
  6. Drag the edge and encompass the entire area.
  7. Now at the top of the screen, over the Angle put the mouse cursor. After this click, drag the mouse and adjust the angle of this new plane that you just designed forward or backward. Then click on OK on the top of the screen.
  8. Open the image that you wish to import to the vanishing planes. Select the part of the image, or the area of the image you wish to import, and press – Ctrl C; for Mac users command C option. This will copy the image.
  9. After you have copied this image, switch to the image where you have created the vanishing point planes and press- Ctrl V, or for Mac users it will be command V. This will paste the copied image in the plane, created in the original image. Click and drag the image over the planes and the image will automatically adjust in the planes created already.
  10. This was your last step. Click ’save’ if everything looks well, and you have successfully changed the image using the vanishing point in Adobe Photoshop CS3.

It is very simple. You can choose any image, and using the vanishing point plane, add your own touch to the image. For example, make your wife or girlfriend special by adding her image and name on the Eiffel tower. Just get an image of Eiffel tower. Take a nice picture of your girlfriend of wife. Using the vanishing point plane, you can nicely crop her image and name on the Eiffel tower. You can also crop three or four individual images to make one family photograph or a group photograph. Though you never clicked it in reality, you can still put up the lovely group or family photo on the wall of your drawing room.

Go ahead and make your images more memorable.

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