How to use Ferber Method

Putting your baby to sleep could sometimes be a tedious affair. There are numerous methods to put your baby to sleep. The Ferber method is one such method, which has been successfully followed around the world. Knowing how to use the Ferber method to put your baby to sleep can be useful in order to see your young one sleep peacefully.

The Ferber method got its name from pediatrician Richard Ferber, whose book, ‘Solve Your Childs Sleep Problems’, written in 1985, became popular worldwide. Dr. Richard Ferber is known as a stalwart in helping resolve the problems that affect your child’s sleep.

What the Ferber Methods says:

The Ferber method basically emphasizes on putting the baby to sleep on his/her own without the presence of the parents around. This method does take time for the baby to adjust as the baby is not used to staying away from the mother for long. This process needs to be followed in a certain format. This is usually a 7 day program but can also be extended to 14 days in order to give a steady approach to the process.

You need to leave the baby in the cradle or the bed to sleep on his own. Yes, your baby will start crying once you exit the room. Let the baby cry for 5 minutes, then come back and console the baby, but avoid staying in the room for long even if the baby is still crying; and avoid picking the baby or rocking him. Try and increase the time you wait before you enter to console the child. For example, the first time you wait for 5 minutes; the second time for 10 minutes and the third time, 15 minutes; and set a maximum period you would wait before you enter the child’s room.

After a routine has been set, enter the room briefly and allow the child to cry, as he will fall asleep himself after crying for some time. This does not mean that you let the child cry until he sleeps, your brief presence in the room is necessary. The Ferber method has emphasized on the avoidance of the baby’s frequent crying. The ‘progressive waiting technique’ pushes the parents to comfort the child frequently. Although the method teaches to put a baby to sleep on his own, it does not mean that a child, who co-sleeps, develops into a person with a lesser sense of individuality.

The Ferber method has always been controversial, as not all parents believe that leaving a child to cry for even a few minutes is fine. Although the Ferber method is a very useful method and has helped a lot of parents to provide a sound sleep to their children, the method that works best is the best method that should be used.

The book, ‘Solve Your Childs Sleep Problems’, which was written by Dr Richard Ferber, has an upgraded version which was released in the year 2006. The upgraded version also includes information about the requisites for a child’s sound sleep and has incorporates all the scientific and technological evolution that took place in that area, in the 20 years after the release of the first version.

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