How to Vanish Coin

You have always wondered how the magician vanishes a coin, and one question always used to pop into your mind – how to vanish a coin. Have you always wanted to learn this trick and show off in front of your friends or kids? Then, this article can prove to be really useful for you.

The basic trick that any magician learns first is to vanish a coin. He disappears the coin and then reappears it in your hand or behind someone’s ear. Here are some instructions that will help you to master the art.

  • With your hand make a ‘C’ Shape. You can do this by keeping the fingers to the bottom and thumb on top.
  • Now place any coin inside it.
  • Pretend to clutch the coin with the other hand and close your fist.
  • While doing this, for a moment your opposite hand will block the actual hand you were holding the coin in. At that time, quietly slip the coin in the holding hand.
  • You should drop the coin in such a way that it lands towards the base of your fingers and you hold it on your finger palm.
  • Now switch to the classic palm from your finger palm. You can do this by dropping the coin to the center of your palm from the base of your fingers.
  • Once you are done with this, on the original hand wave your fingers. Some magicians pretend to say some chants or blow air on the closed hand to show that it is real and no illusion.
  • Now open your hand and show the front and flip side of your hand. They will be amazed to see that you have vanished the coin from your hand.

This is how you can vanish a coin from your hand. However, the trick is still incomplete. The magicians not only vanish the coin but also make it reappear from someone else’s hand or behind someone’s ear or nose.

The following steps will help you complete your magic trick and make the coin reappear.

  • Now again close the hand that you just showed the audience. However, remember to keep an opening between the thumb and the index finger.
  • Now move the other hand over this closed hand. While moving your hand, drop the coin from the original hand into the space between thumb and index finger.
  • Just to pretend, tap the top of the closed hand with other hand.
  • Now open your closed hand and show the coin that has reappeared as per the audience.

Magic is not something one cannot understand. It is just an illusion; it’s a trick and swiftness of actions. You have to be very swift in your actions and make such illusions. The speed by which you perform an action actually makes it appear like magic.

For example, in this case if you drop the coin slowly, there are chances that people will notice it and yours will be a flop show. But if you do it swiftly, within a fraction of a second it, is missed by the audiences who are sitting at a distance and they take it as a magic trick.

Go ahead and perform this trick to surprise the people around you!

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