How to Ward Off Evil

Warding off demons or evil things is not about physical strength, it is about mind over matter. Evil spirits can enter in our world through many open doors. All you have to do is cleanse the environment, or a person who has negative energy. You must force the evil entity to leave your home and transform itself into darkness and go back in the light. In many parts of the world, even in all the diverse cultures and beliefs, the act of using a protective charm is very famous. Here you will learn how to ward off evil through various things.


  • One of the most famous charms for warding off evil is horseshoe. It is known to repel witches from entering your house; as well it gets good luck to everyone who passes the horseshoe. You must hang the horseshoe above your front door and nail it facing down or up. The belief started in the 16th century English folklore and the horseshoe, since then continues to greet visitors to homes across the world.

Ba Gua Mirror

  • The Ba Gua Mirror was originated in China, and it is one of the most popular symbols of the Feng Shui. If you place this mirror right at the entrance, at the main door, this means that you are welcoming harmony and creating good fortune for everyone who enters inside. Apart from this, Ba Gua Mirror is also a charm that counteracts negative Qi of the spiritual nature, like evil entities, so that they do not enter your home.


  • Palaspas is a bunch of decorative palm fronds that is sold during the Palm Sunday, and it also marks the start of the holy week. These bunches are blessed by the Catholic Priest and you are supposed to hang it over the door. These are the well known talisman that is used for warding off evil.

Wind Chimes

  • These are bell charms known to ward off evil spirits. All the modern wind chimes have their origin from the Indian wind bells, which were introduced in China, where they were used for protecting homes. These wind chimes also help in bringing good luck.


  • As per the Jewish mysticism, the Mezuzah is known to deny evil and to destruct all its agents’ access in your house. People who put a Mezuzah inside their house are protected all time. A Mezuzah is a small piece of parchment that contains Hebrew prayers and verses. This is then rolled up, placed inside a beautiful case and placed diagonally on the door post.

Evil Eye

  • The evil eye stone is a Greek amulet, which is used for warding off the evil eye. This evil eye is always made from a blue glass and it protects your house from bad luck.


  • According to the Celtic beliefs, a cross is made from the branches of a rowan tree and these are bound with red thread that is used in the form of protective charm at the door of your house. As mentioned in a well known rhyme: “rowan tree, red thread, holds the witches all in the dread.”

Smudge sticks

  • Smudge sticks are well known for warding off evil. For this process, you will have to buy three to four inches of smudge sticks and wrap them in thread. Take the smudge sticks, hold them in your hand and bring your hands close to your heart. Say something to welcome the stick and ask the stick to work with you for warding off the evil.
  • Now, light the open end of the smudge stick along with a burning candle. Remember that you don’t have to burn the whole stick, just light the open end of it. After you are done with this come up with a sentence that you would keep repeating to ward off evil. You can try saying something like, “I request that you leave my home and allow me to live at peace.” Start waving the stick at every corner of your house, focusing only on your chakras and extremities.
  • Walk in your entire house; wave the smoke in every corner. Make sure that you don’t miss out the closet, behind doorways, pantry, under all the furniture as well as all four corners of your house. Remember to hold the stick up the ceilings to make sure that you are covering everything. You will have to inform the spirit that you mean serious business and you will not take it lightly.


  • If you want you can also cast a spell for warding off evil. For this process, you will need lavender, rosemary, cinnamon, ginger root, six white candles, black pepper and one black candle. Always remember that you will have to cast this spell only on a full moon night.
  • Start making a magical circle, which will be the hail for the guardians. Now, sit facing on the north side and meditate. After sometime, get up and light the candles in clockwise direction all except for the black one. Once you have lighted all the white candles, use one of the white candles for lighting the black candle. Now, you can light the mixture of spices and herbs.
  • Now, start casting the spell. For this you will have to say the following:

Whatever evil that will come to me here

I will cast you back, I do not fear you

With the speed of wind and the darkness of the night

May all of your harboring take flight

With the swiftness of sea

And all the power found in me

As I will so mote it be

  • Once you are done with casting the spell, say in a loud voice “I cast you out.” Blow the black candle as hard as you can and allow the mixture to burn, then wrap the black candle in white cloth and bury this candle in your backyard.

Now, you know ways to ward off evil, so go ahead and protect yourself and your house from evil spirits and things.

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