How to Wiggle Your Ears

You have decided to enter a talent contest and now you need a talent that will amuse people.  If not a talent contest, then probably you need some skill to fill an uncomfortable 30 seconds pause in a conversation. If these have your thoughts lately, then you must learn how to wiggle your ears. The idea of wiggling ears is to move both your ears up and down, and with lot of practice you will learn how to wiggle one ear at a time.

It’s a simple process and once you master the skills to wiggle your ears, you are sure to make many grinning friends and followers who would also want to learn how to wiggle their ears. This article will help you wiggle your ears in no time by following these simple but effective steps:

  • Being confident is the basic pre-requisite for any successful endeavor. Everyone is born with the talent of wiggling their ears. However, given the facial muscles that are used, it’s much more easier for adults to wiggle than young children
  • You need to find the correct facial muscles that will help you to wiggle your ears. You can do it easily and all you need to do is to clench both your back teeth, molars to be specific, together. Put one molar on top of the other one and press them simultaneously. Remember, you need to press, not grind them. Just touch both the molars together and then move your jaws in a back and forth motion
  • Practice is the only way to gain perfection. So, over the next couple of days, you need to practice repeatedly the exact motion mentioned above in order to activate the muscles needed to wiggle your ears. Then try to move your eyebrows with your molars pressed together. Slowly try to move your cheeks. When you successfully begin to move your cheeks with your molars clenched, you will notice the first signs of your ears moving. Practice the process in front of the mirror to locate the exact muscles that are being used to move your ears and what are the other facial features that are moving
  • Now, all you need to do is to focus on wiggling your ears, once you have successfully wiggled your eyebrows and cheeks. All the work of wiggling is done by a muscle right in front of your ears, but it will take some focus and determination to make it work. This muscle will slowly start to develop, and you need to practice once you have narrowed in on the correct muscle needed to wiggle your ears. From here on, you just need to be focused and keep practicing till you learn how to wiggle your ears perfectly
  • After sometime you will realize that you no longer have to clench your teeth to wiggle your ears. It was just a process to get your mouth in the right angle. The day you have successfully managed to wiggle your ears without clenching your molars, pat yourself for learning how to wiggle your ears

That is all you need to do wiggle your ears and amuse the masses. It is all about locating and isolating the correct facial muscles, and constantly working with them until they begin wiggling your ears. No matter what your age is, unlike curling your tongue, everyone can wiggle their ears in a matter of few days.

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