How to Wiggle your Ears

Are you looking for something that can fill the uncomfortable 20 second pause in your conversation? The simplest thing you can learn is how to wiggle your ears, and you will soon have supporters who want to learn this trick and wiggle their own ear.

Here are some simple steps that you can follow to wiggle your ear.


  • First you will have to know what you are after. The ear wiggling muscle is the one present above and behind your ears. These muscles help you to move your ears backwards and upwards whenever you tense them. These muscles are known as auricularis superior and posterior. You will have to try flexing these muscles. Since you have never used these muscles, you will have to experiment by teaching your brain how to use these muscles.
  • Stand in front of a mirror or you can feel your ears when you are trying to flex them. This will feel strange first and the initial motion will be very subtle. Learning to wiggle ears may be something that you wanted to do but didn’t know about it until now. If you want to check if you are doing it right, then place your index finger on the back muscle of ear and trying moving the muscle.
  • In this process, you will notice that you are raising your eyebrows or opening your mouth while wiggling the ear muscle. But this is alright; most of the people tend to move their ears when they raise their eyebrows. It is just as hard as raising your ring finger alone, the ear wiggling muscle will operate if other muscles nearby start working. If you notice that your hair or scalp moves, especially when you raise your eyebrows, then try doing it more often and check if your ears move too, because you are on the right track.
  • Try to isolate your ear wiggling muscle. You might be able to wiggle your ears, but it will not be impressive if you have to raise your eyebrows or look weird every time you do it. Some people are not able to move their ears without moving their scalp, but you will have to try to move the ear muscles without moving any other muscle of your face. Start practicing wiggling your ears without moving any other part of your face.
  • Keep exercising, even after you have found the ear wiggling muscles, your ears will not move that much, especially in the beginning. You may have not used these muscles your whole life, so they may be a little out of shape. Keep practicing regularly and your ear wiggling will become more pronounced and stronger.

Tips and Warnings:

  • If possible try moving only one ear at a time. Sometimes, it can be tough to move two at a time as this will take a lot of different muscles.
  • While you are looking in the mirror, check if your ears are moving when you are smiling. Most of the times when a person smiles their ears will raise, move as they smile. This will be the perfect starting point for isolating your muscles.
  • For helping you isolate the muscles that move your ear, try giving a big smile. This will automatically make your ears go up and will allow you to feel your muscle that help in wiggling your ears.
  • You can try wearing glasses. If they start sliding out, you will notice that subconsciously you are trying to pull them back even before your hands can push them.
  • Some people will find this process difficult or unnatural. If this does not work for you, then do not worry about it, because this is not a valuable skill.
  • Try to practice alone, because initially you will spend a lot of time looking silly even before you get it right.

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