How to Win a Tickle Fight

Ever indulged in a tickle fight with your siblings or loved one and lost to him or her? You definitely will want to know ‘how to win a tickle fight- then. Tickling is often a common thing amongst siblings, couples and friends. Tickling is done to either make one giggle, laugh out loud or just to trouble one, just for fun. Tickling is something very common and does not need any kind of training or lessons. Each one of us has been tickled and also has tickled someone at some or the other point of time in our life. If you are a person who often engages in such tickle fights, you must definitely know the various tips and tricks that will help you win a tickle fight.

Steps to be followed while tickling someone:

  • Try pinning up the arms of the person whom you wish to tickle over his or her head with your legs. Just kneel down near the head of that person and try to hold the arms of the opponent in between your legs.
  • While pinning up the arms by your legs, you must take care that he or she does not get a chance to tickle your legs your feet.
  • Once you have pinned up the arms you can start tickling. Make sure that you do not hurt the person by your nails or fingers and keep it until the point of fun. Overdoing it may not be pleasant for you and the opponent as well.

Tactics of Tickling

You wish to master the art of tickling and always want to win the tickle fight with your siblings, friends or loved ones then you must follow the various tactics of tickling. I have listed down a few tactics that may help you to win a tickle fight.

The Four- Way Tickle:

  • Lye down on the top of your opponent, with your feet (bare feet) near his/her shoulder and the opponent’s feet in front.
  • Now try to insert your toes in to his/her armpits or on the sides.
  • While you are tickling the armpits or sides with toes, use your fingers to tickle his/her feet.
  • Move your toes to the ribs as well. In this way, you are tickling their feet, legs, armpits & ribs all at once. This is known as a four–way tickle.
  • For better results, tickle with barefoot and even better if your opponent is shirtless.

Leg Pinned Tickle:

  • This is just an alternate way to the pinned up arms by legs. In this tickle you can hold one arm of your opponent between your legs.
  • Next step is to lean on your opponent, and hold his/her other hand with your one hand.
  • Now with your second hand tickle the opponent’s body.

The Triple Tickle:

You can change your tickling tactics to weaken your opponent. Once you have tickled your opponent for quite some time, you can then switch to ‘The Triple Tickle’.

  • While you are still above your opponent, just slide down a little and sit across his or her waist. While you are doing this, you will have to release the opponent’s arms that you were holding with your legs, so you have to be quick in your actions.
  • Tickle point no.1 – With your right hand tickle under his/her left armpit.
  • Tickle point no.2 – With your left hand tickle on his/her waist or the right armpit.
  • Tickle point no. 3 – With your chin rub his or her neck, ribs & tummy.
  • Again as said above for better results, it is good if the opponent is shirtless, or if you can access their bare stomach.

Double – Foot Tickle:

  • Sit in a face-to-face position with your opponent.
  • See to it that either your opponent is lying down on his/ her back or I sitting with his/ her legs towards you.
  • Wrap your one arm near his/ her ankles. Tighten your arm grip so that he /she cannot release himself/herself from the grip.
  • With your other hand tickle the opponents feet with short breaks in between, however do not let loose the arm grip.
  • Control the opponent’s kicking efforts and also make sure that they cannot reach you with their hands.

Alphabet Game Tickling:

  • Hold your opponents feet in such a way that you can tickle him or her.
  • Explain them the Alphabet game. According to this he/she will have to either recite the alphabets like -: Z- 1, Y-2…… or A- 26, B- 25, C- 24……and so on. To make it all the more difficult ask him/her to recite once starting from ‘Z’ and once starting from ‘A’.
  • Every time he/she messes up with the alphabets and numbers tickle him/her harder.

Tickling can be fun. However, you should remember that it is for fun and do not overdo it, so that your opponent starts facing problems like breathlessness. Also, if you plan to use these tickling tricks, you must know that you need to have a very informal relation with the person you wish to tickle.

Use these tickling tricks and win your tickle fight.

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