How to Wreck Your Car

The day we gain our material senses, we dream to own a car. But when we finally own one and with time slowly dragging its feet, the thought of being a proud owner of a car seems no longer exciting. That is the moment when you want to wreck your car to get the excitement back in life. However, simply putting your car on fire or throwing it down a valley can be really monotonous. This article will help you to learn how to wreck your car piece by piece and have the best time of your life.

  • Well, there’s nothing better than getting your door taken off brutally. Open the doors of your car without looking. Do it at a place place, say a zoo, or busy market, grocery store, where your car is bound to get maximum scratches. Get into your skin the habit of opening your car’s door during parallel parking. Think of many similar innovative ides to get your car the ‘scratchy’ look
  • If you are someone who likes a bit of adventure and doesn’t mind to take that occasional risk, take your car on top of a hill or mountain and start going down fast. Ride the brakes entire way down to wreck it up completely. You may also fuse your brakes together on finding a steep enough hill, which will cause your engine to work faster, ultimately taking a toll on your vehicle
  • Here’s one more classic way to learn how to wreck your car. To court serious scratches, just back up you car randomly without even looking where you are heading to.  Depending on what is behind you, it will leave your car with serious dents and can even get it destroyed. Make sure you maintain a good speed for better results
  • To get more fun, and to see your car rust, pour lot of bleach into your car’s gas tank. Bleach being an oxidizer will rust the gas tank within a couple of days. Slowly, like a deadly virus, the bleach will eat up the car’s fuel pipes and finally reach its engine. There are also many important parts in your vehicle that will get destroyed. Furthermore, put bleach into your car’s oil tank, which will dilute your oil and rust every material in the engine. Follow this effective method and your car’s engine will choke up for sure and become useless in a matter of few days
  • Take a bit of risk and drive your car in the area that has been experiencing a flood. Water will cause your car to rust more effectively and faster, and since you can’t see what you are driving on, it’s easier to get your car’s tires punctured. There are chances that you might hit debris, which would leave your drive shaft shattered. One more thing you can do is to remove your car’s oil filter and oil dipstick and let water enter your engine and completely ruin it. If not flood, you can get similar results by driving your car through some shallow pond. But remember, don’t get too excited and dive into a lake or ocean. You are trying to wreck the car, not drown yourself
  • Finally, you can choose to enter a demolition derby. Before competing, make sure to replace your gas tank with one that can be put into the back seat and can hold only 2 gallons. This method will surely wreck your car, but keep yourself safe from any danger

Follow these simple steps and you shall learn the fun-filled and effective ways of how to wreck your car.

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