How to Wreck your Car

Everyone in their life have an experience of messing up with their cars. Even those guys who consider their cars as their baby have done something to wreck it. We all spend most of the time in youth wishing to own a car. Once we reach adulthood, it becomes our second nature to own a car, but it is no longer exciting. Most of them never realize that they are unknowingly destroying their cars. Some people just love to mess around with their cars and always want to know how to wreck your car?

Here are some simple steps that will guide to various things, which will help you in wrecking your car.

Never using the parking brake

  • If you have noticed,  there is a tiny pedal near your left leg, or a lever present on the right side. Yes, this tiny device, which you fail to use is actually valuable. Whenever you park your car on an incline, or even on steady grounds, without using this parking brake, you are putting the complete stress of your car on the transmission.
  • The only thing that will be holding the transmission of your car is a small pin, which is also known as parking pawl. If you use the parking brake, then you are locking the non-drive wheels along with the drive wheels and taking the stress off the transmission. This will increase the years of your car transmission. However, always remember that you must disengage this brake before you start driving your car.

No complete stop before shifting

  • If you are in a rush and pull out from the parking space and shift directly into drive while your car is coasting backwards. You have added some more months of wear and tear in your transmission within no time. Inside your car transmission there is a complex set of gears, whenever you shift without stopping like that, then you force your gears to work as brakes, which puts a lot of stress in that area. Sometimes you will damage your drive shafts, the thing that gives power to your wheels, by shifting your car in this manner. After sometime, it will cause sloppy suspension handling, and worn out transmission.

Riding brakes down a hill

  • If you are driving on a hill, which goes on for a while, then you must always avoid using brakes often. Try alternating between braking and letting off the brake so that you do not heat up and wear out the brake pads. This is one of the common mistakes, because it will feel like the safest option for maneuvering down the hill. However, if the hill is sufficiently long, you will completely wear out the brake pads.

No oil change

  • Always remember that you must change the car oil after every 5,000 miles. Always remember the more frequent oil changes will increase the life and performance of your car.

Pressure washing engine

  • Many people have this desire of keeping their engine clean. Yes, it does get grimy under the car and a pressure wash is even more dangerous than dirt accumulated in your car. Always remember that grimy engines running are  better than an engine that does not work at all. If you spray a high power water jet on the rubber seals, electrical bits and hoses, then you will end up dislodging most of the things.
  • The modern engine is a complex thing; all the wiring, sensors and components are present in your engine, so it does not make sense in using water jet. Try using a regular hose for cleaning the engine, you just have to be careful about the high pressure.

Starting the car in wrong way

  • This sounds simple, but you can make a huge difference if you turn off the radio, climate control, wipers and all the other accessories whenever you start your car. Maximum engine wear happens when you are starting your car, and if you turn off these accessories, then your engine won’t have to work hard at the start.
  • Another thing that maximum people do is revving the engine during winters. Always remember that this will never help in warming up the engine of your car. Technically, this does warm up your engine, but this is not the kind of warmth that your car needs. Revving your car engine during winters will cause extreme change in the temperature right away and this is not what you want. Whenever you start the car, the oil has not started to work its way through your system, so the engine will be working without lubrication. The correct method is to allow the car to sit idle for 30 seconds to one minute.

Ignoring the car sounds

  • Always keep one thing in mind that, every sound that your car makes means something. If you pay attention closely then you will know, which part of your car needs repairing. If you hear squeaking brakes then you need new pads, and if you still ignore this sound then soon you will start hearing scrapping metal. Therefore, before you manage to completely destroy your car pay attention to all these sounds.

All these things will help you if you wish to wreck your car. However, don’t be stupid to wreck your car, instead try avoiding all these things and give a long life to your car.

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