How to Write a Classroom Observation

It is necessary to understand how to write a classroom observation. It helps the teacher to mold the students in an effective way. It is important to understand the importance of effective observation in the classroom. In all these years, educational institution made a policy that offers a transparent feedback by the supervisors or seniors that helps in enhancing the teaching methodology. These observations help in refining a mainstream teaching methodology and presenting a new way of teaching. These observations provide a constructive feedback. It is important for the observer to provide a comprehensive report to the parents that help in giving more assistance to the students.

If you are working as an observer or supervisor in any educational unit, it is required to follow certain protocol while drafting a report:

  • Organizing important points
  • Assignment analysis
  • Reports on different sessions

Organizing important points- In a respective report, it is important to notify and point out key points that can help and give a better understanding while reading. The point that needs to be notified is:

1-Teaching methodology- In this, the observer gives a point on how effective is the teaching method acquired by the teacher or whether any new way has to be implemented for effective learning. They evaluate whether teaching is provided as per the academic standard or not.

2-Student’s teacher compatibility- It is another important point that needs to be noted down. It is necessary to notice whether teacher is approachable by the students or not. They notify whether any open ended discussion is conveyed by the students and teacher or not.

3-Practical approach- This is the third and most important field in the report that expresses whether practical or realistic approach is given to the subjects or not.

Assignment analysis- Observer gives an overview of the assignments done in the class, and on what basis the teachers grade each student’s assignment. Assignment gives an idea of how effectively the students’s  command of the respective subject is and what are the essential things that needs to be implemented for further improvement. It is also required to notify in the observation report the implementation of alternative methods of instruction in the classroom’s lessons. Many teachers prefer to instruct via conventional mode of teaching however it is required that the teachers should bring in audio-visual materials, PDF presentation, Internet sources as well as guest speakers to strengthen the lesson plans and help the students to understand the topic better.

Reports on different sessions- It is also required to separate the report subject wise. It gives a clear picture of the training methodology of the different teachers. Different session analysis helps in understanding different types of curriculum followed by the teachers and how these sessions offer useful services to the students. Session report includes an overview of the performance of the teachers as well as the students. It is useful to grade them to give instant feedback.

It is required that an observer or supervisor should know how to write a classroom observation and it is necessary to notify every point that helps in working on a  strategy that is effective for teaching.

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