How to Write a Concluding Sentence

How to write a concluding sentence is a vital part of ending your paragraph. Conclusion is a second chance of creating an impression on the reader or listener. While concluding something, one should never try to include anything new in that sentence. It should be simple, precise and point to point. The best way to conclude it is with the help of a quotation or saying of some famous person.

Your last sentence should be based in your conclusion entirely. It should be a further flow of your conclusion. Concluding sentence should make your reader remember the vital part and take away something after he finishes reading it.

The following points will help you to build an effective concluding sentence :-

  • If you are using humor in your concluding sentence, then it should be effective. If it is not effective than avoid using it.
  • Read your concluding sentence loudly. If it sounds interesting, then others will find it interesting too.
  • Try to analyze the most important part of your paragraph and try to connect it with your concluding sentence. This will draw focus of the reader on that important part.
  • It should be a reinstatement of your argument and should make the reader think on whatever you are trying to conclude.
  • Use your last line very carefully and wisely, as it is the main thing your readers will remember.
  • It should be summarizing and should leave your reader with a thought or question to ponder.
  • Don’t try to mention all the important part in your last sentence and make it too long. This sentence should be short, simple, precise and effective.

Considering the above information will help you in summing up all the important aspects and build a positive impression on your reader.

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