How to Write to your Representative

Your representative is a person who speaks on behalf of you, takes a look into your problems, requests and passes on the requests or complaints to the above level. However, you have to write to your representative in most of the cases. Learn ‘how to write to your representative’ and get your requests or complaints heard.

It becomes very necessary to write, when you have to contact your congressman or state representative. These people have their schedule and it won’t be correct to just walk to them or call them at any hour and talk to them. It is advisable you follow a procedure. You draft a letter, either to take an appointment to meet him/her or write what you want to convey them. Every state has more than two Congressional Representatives who represent a particular part of the state. The population of the state is divided under the representatives.

Here are some instructions you need to follow while writing to your representative:

  • First step is to identify your representative. If you do not know who your representative is, just browse the United States House of Representatives- website for the information. There are many updates constantly on this website. There is a link ‘FIND YOUR REPRESENTATIVE.’ you need to enter the zip code of your locality and hit ‘search’ or ‘go’ to find out, who your representative is.
  • Begin your letter just like any other formal letter. Write your name, date and address on the left hand side of the page. Below your name you will have to write the code or ward number, etc. that is allotted to your part of population represented by one representative.
  • Then write the name of the representative, whom you wish to contact. Just below his/ her name, leave a two tab space and write a subject. The ‘Subject’ is important to save the representative’s time. He/she can have a look at the subject and find out what the problem is. The ‘Subject’ is a one line summary of your letter. For example, if you want to complain about unhygienic condition in your locality, your subject line will be-  Subject: Unhygienic surrounding in ABC area, followed by your zip code.
  • After this, you can begin your letter. Leave one tab space and begin your letter with greetings. For example- Respected Sir/Madam or Dear Sir/Madam
  • Again leaving a one tab space, just below the greetings, begin with your letter. In the first line, introduce yourself and your locality. Then write about the main problem. This is your first paragraph.
  • In the second paragraph, write in detail about the problem or requests you want to convey them. For example, speaking about the ‘unhygienic conditions’ as mentioned above, you will have to elaborate and speak about the actual condition in your locality. Speak about the unhygienic lanes, unclean roads, or non cleared dumping grounds, etc.
  • In the next paragraph, you can mention about the problem, you people face owing to this. If you have brought this issue to light previously, you can also talk about it. However, you need to remember that you have to write a formal letter which should not exceed one page. Avoid including all the problems and incidents. Only speak about the main problems and the issue you face.
  • Request your representative to look into the matter.
  • At the end of the letter write your contact details. Your phone number and email id, and of course the updated one’s should be written in the letter. In case your representative wishes to contact, he can call you or email on the contact details mentioned in the letter.

This is how you can draft a letter to your representative. You can also write an email if you do not wish to mail a hard copy of you letter. In the subject line of the email, you can write the subject mentioned above. And directly begin your letter with greetings.

In case, you have any problems or requests write to your representative and get your requests or problems heard.

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