How to Zap PRAM

Now when I say how to zap PRAM, you will have no idea what I am talking about until and unless you are a user of Macintosh. If you own a Mac, then certainly the details in the article will prove to be beneficial.  Zap the PRAM sounds like some bizarre character from Star Wars, but it is actually a component inside your Mac that helps in tracking your personal preferences. Things can get real wrong if the PRAM becomes corrupt. You can maintain your Mac properly and prevent all kinds of problems by zapping your PRAM occasionally.

PRAM remembers stuff like what startup disk to choose or how loud your speakers should be when the computer chimes, among others. The PRAM, which stands for parameter random access memory, is a small portion of RAM (random access memory) that remembers data like what time it is, what day, and other identical information. The varied settings that are stored in the PRAM include screen resolution, video and display settings, refresh rate, choice of start up volume, settings for DVD region, and information about kernel panic, if any. The details that are stored might vary from computer to computer and devices attached to it. Your computer will undergo a PRAM zapping automatically if any firmware upgrades have been done to it.

The concept of PRAM the zap basically refers to restoring in to its normal settings. Once you have zapped the PRAM, you need to reset the time settings. It is advisable to zap the PRAM at least once a year for better functioning of the computer.

As PRAM is powered by a battery, it can remember vital information even when the computer is turned off. But all kinds of things can go wrong if the PRAM gets corrupt, including failure of the system to boot appropriately or the system not booting at all. You will have to understand that time has come to zap the PRAM if the time and date displayed are wrong, if the computer can’t connect to the Internet or give a print command for unknown reasons.

Now, let’s come to the point of how to zap PRAM on a MAC. You don’t have to worry at all for the process is one of the easiest computer repairing jobs that will bring back to normalcy any of your corrupted computer settings. To zap PRAM perfectly, you need to hit a key combination during the process of rebooting. Checkout your Mac computer keyboard properly and look for the ‘P’ and ‘R’ letter keys as well as for the ‘Option’ and ‘Command’ keys. To zap pram, you have to press them all simultaneously.

To start PRAM zapping, you need to first shut down the computer, and once ascertained that it has been shut down properly, re-start it. Be patient all the while, and don’t try to hurry through the process. The moment you switch the computer on and before the gray screen of Mac appears, you must hit the ‘Command + Option + P + R’ combination at once and hold it down. The computer will start again after you have pressed the keys properly. Keep holding the keys until you can hear the computer to re-start. Once you hear the sound, release the keys slowly. When the computer re-starts, its PRAM and NVRAM will be restored to normal settings. In some cases, you might have to reset system data like the time, date in the default startup disk.

Hope these instructions will help you understand the process of how to zap PRAM and will leave no clouds of doubt regarding the issue. Zapping the PRAM ensures that your computer’s corrupted settings are restored to normal settings and it is advisable to zap the PRAM at least once or twice every year to ensure better functioning of your computer.

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