How to Zoom Out on a Mac

Mac’s advanced OS X operating system lets computer users zoom out on the entire computer display in every respective application that remains open on the computer. This zoom out feature, which is embedded in the operating system as an accessibility feature, has paramount importance in classroom teaching, for it helps to zoom out on multimedia displays when projected on an overhead television monitor or any other display. Depending on what version of OS X being installed in Mac, you can use the zoom out feature in a range of methods to include preference menu toggling, shortcut keys, or through a combination of mouse wheel and keystroke action. Now, let’s check out the varied ways of how to zoom out on a Mac:

Instructions to Zoom Out on a MAC

  • First, you need to select the “Apple Icon” in Mac’s top left corner
  • Once done,  go on to select the “Preferences” menu option and click on the “Universal Access” menu choice
  • Choose the “Seeing” menu tab first and then select the “Turn on Zoom” menu option
  • Finally, exit from the Window to enable the Zoom menu, and you are ready to use the zoom out feature on your Mac

Zoom out with the help of the Mouse on a MAC

In the year 2009, Apple introduced the advanced feature in OS X to zoom out or in on a MAC using its mouse that has a mouse wheel. In order to zoom in or out, you need to press the “Control” key and pull down or up the mouse wheel at the same time. The feature will enable the entire screen to zoom in or out in the appropriate direction, in an identical fashion when you use the short key or preference options to zoom in or out, but with lesser clicks or keystrokes.

Zoom out using the Shortcut Keys

MAC’S advanced setting allows to zoom out or in on the computer display using its shortcut keys

  • To zoom out on the MAC display, select the “Option, Command, and -” keys
  • Though the article primarily centers around the ways on how to zoom out on a MAC, here’s a little tip on how to zoom in as well. To zoom in on the MAC display, you need to select the “Option, Command, and +” keys
  • Finally, in order to enable the zoom feature on and off, you need to click the “Option, Command, and 8” keys

Hope the article will clear all your doubt on how to zoom out on a Mac. Just like Windows Operating System, MAC also has the feature of zooming in and out of a computer screen. This feature is primarily used while making presentations involving a large audience, wherein zooming in helps in making the presentation more readable and understandable. The zoom in feature of MAC is also useful for those who are visually impaired by making the text larger and easier to read and comprehend.

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