How to Make Fudge with Condensed Milk

Fudge is a dish, which is liked by all age groups. It is a confectionery dish and is usually cocoa flavored but sometimes other flavors are also experimented with this. Gifting fudge to someone is a good idea. Especially, if you make it yourself and then gift it to someone, it is much pleasing. However, for this you must know how to make fudge with condensed milk. Fudge is a very simple recipe, and it does not cost you much. You can easily make fudge with condensed milk, and present it to your loved ones without affecting your budget.

How to make fudge with condensed milk?


  1. Condensed Milk (Sweetened) – 1 can or 14 ounces
  2. Milk Chocolate Chips – 1 cup or 6 ounces
  3. Chocolate chips – 2 cups or 12 ounces
  4. Vanilla Essence – 1 to 1 ½ teaspoon
  5. Butter – 2 tbsp
  6. Chopped walnuts and dry fruits – 1 cup (optional)
  7. Plastic Wrap

To Make:

  1. Square pan
  2. Measuring Spoons
  3. Measuring Cups


  • Take a square pan. Grease this pan with oil or ‘non-stick cooking spray’. Grease the pan perfectly and do not leave any part of it dry.
  • Take a plastic wrap around 18-24 inches in length. Place the wrap inside the pan. Leave the edges of the plastic bag outside the pan. This will be needed to cover the fudge later. This will also help you to get the fudge out once it is done. Keep the pan aside
  • Now in the next step, mix condensed milk, vanilla essence, butter and chocolate chips. Heat this mixture using double boiling method on low flame. (Double boiling method – place the mixture in a bowl, heat water in another bowl and place the bowl with the mixture in this hot water, keeping the gas on low flame) Stir the mixture continuously.
  • Alternatively, you can heat this mixture in microwave; however, you still need to stir it after every minute.
  • Let the chocolate melt, and heat it stirring continuously until you get a smooth and silky mixture.
  • After the mixture is ready, you can add nuts to it. This is however, optional. You can add Tuty Fruity if you wish.
  • Next step is to pour this mixture in the pan you had kept aside. While pouring, keep your hand still at the center of the pan. This will help the mixture spread evenly in the pan.
  • Dusting the pan- This is important because it will help you get rid of air bubbles in the pan. Hold the pan firmly and pat it lightly on the floor.
  • Now cover the mixture with the plastic wrap. Place this pan in the refrigerator until the mixture sets firm.
  • After an hour, or maximum 2 hours, the mixture will be firm. Holding the edges of the plastic wrap, you can get the fudge out.
  • Cut this into small pieces and serve chilled.


  • Instead of Vanilla essence or extract, you can use any other extract you like. Mint, orange, etc. However, chocolate chips go well with Vanilla essence.
  • Secondly, you can also substitute chocolate chips with Vanilla based chocolate. This will also give you a rich flavor.
  • Placing the pan in deep freeze for few minutes and then placing it in refrigerator will help the mixture firm faster.

If you have to present this to some one you can pack it in a cake box. However, see to it that you pack it in an air tight box, and do not expose it to heat. Fudge tastes well when it is served chilled.

Using this recipe, you can easily make fudge from condensed milk, and flaunt your cooking skills.

How to Cite a Lecture MLA

A learner or student should definitely cite notes, textbooks, articles, etc. This citation will help you to prepare notes, prepare for your assignments, viva and exams as well. Besides this you can also cite notes from your professor’s lecture. The lecture will prove very helpful to you. You can record, take down notes or use different methods to cite lecture. One such is MLA, if you wish to use this to cite your lecture, you must know how to cite a lecture -MLA, i.e., how to cite lecture using MLA format

Notes can be taken down in different formats such as APA, MLA, short hand, tree diagrams, etc. MLA is a very popular format of taking notes.

Using the instructions written below you can cite notes in MLA format.

Lecturer Name:

  • You have to first write down the name of your lecturer. It should be written in a specific format i.e., last name, first name and initial of the middle name. For example, George Richard M.

Label the lecture:

  • If you are attending a guest lecture, then label your notes as ‘Guest Lecture Notes’ and if it is a normal class lecture then label it as the same.
  • Thus the main heading will now look like- George Richard M., Class Lecture

Title the Notes:

  • Title the notes because this will help you to search the notes when you look at it after some days. Labelling the notes specifically as per the chapter or sub-chapter will organize your notes.
  • Your labelling can be like – Lecture 1 : Introduction to Psychology
  • After the main labelling of name and lecture, label your notes as mentioned above.
  • Your citation will thus look like - George Richard M., Class Lecture, Introduction to Psychology.


  • Next step in MLA format is the place where the lecture is delivered. If it is a class lecture, your venue will be your class room and if it is a guest lecture delivered at some other venue, you can mention that venue. In this case, since we have taken it as a class lecture our venue will be the college or university itself.
  • After this, your citation will look like- George Richard M., Class Lecture, Introduction to Psychology, Zen College of Arts, New York, USA.

Date and Time:

  • Last in this format will be Date and time. Mentioning time is optional but you need to mention the date.
  • The date will be in the dd/mm/yyyy format, i.e., date followed by the month and year.
  • This will complete the MLA format citation. Your final citation will look as follows:

George Richard M., Class Lecture, Introduction to Psychology, Zen College of Arts, New York, USA, 5 May 2011

Taking down notes:

  • After this, you can start writing down the notes in points, shorthand, diagrams, etc.
  • Citation of the notes will help you when you recall that particular lecture. These notes will help you to prepare for exams, and will prove beneficial as these notes would be unique than the printed notes available everywhere for reference.
  • Using these instructions you can cite notes in MLA format and use it for future reference.

How to Use a Paddle Ball

Paddle ball is not any Olympic sport, but still a favorite of many. It might not be something to show off, but if you play it well, you will enjoy it. This sport tests your alertness, attention, speed and flexibility. To master it you should know how to use a paddle ball.

Paddle ball is a very simple sport but you have to be very attentive and quick in responding. A ball is tied to a paddle by elastic, and you have to hit the ball continuously as it comes back without missing it. You should first master the sport individually and then compete with your friends. If this sounds interesting, here is some information that will help you know how to use a paddle ball.

How to use a paddle ball?

  • Get a good paddle ball, which is well-made and has a strong string with a nice volume ball.
  • Next you will need is a paddle ball racket. Opt for thick wood and a wide based racket that has good grip.
  • You will need to place the paddle in a position that the ball hangs down. If someone is there with you, ask him/her to hold the paddle or else place it at some appropriate location.
  • Bounce the ball suspended by the elastic two three times.
  • Once the ball starts bouncing, hit it with your paddle. This strategy will help you master the sport.
  • Once you have mastered this, play paddle ball in the actual form. Hit the ball every time, and try to hit it right with the center of the paddle. Once you have mastered it by suspending the ball downwards, turn the paddle the other way.
  • Now try hitting the ball again.
  • Practice hitting the paddle ball every day for at least 15-20 minutes. This will help you gain excellence in the sport.
  • The string, by which the ball is suspended, can be adjusted to increase or decrease the bouncing distance of the ball from the paddle.
  • To further excel, play using two paddleballs. This will make you more alert and highly responsive. The more quick you respond, the more number of times you hit the ball.
  • Once you have mastered playing it individually, you can then compete with your friends. There are many paddleball matches organized. Surf the internet to find out more about the same, in your vicinity.
  • Participating in competitions will help you learn the techniques of others who excel in the sport.

It is a very simple, but interesting sport. You can impress your peers and kids by mastering this simple game, and also offering them some help to learn the game well. Follow the simple instructions mentioned above, and learn how to use a paddleball. It is not a very tough sport; it only needs alertness and concentration. It is a complete exercise for your eyes, brain, hands and legs. It sharpens your reflexes as well.

How to Make a Canoe Paddle

Fond of boating, smooth flowing water and boats, then you must try to make a canoe paddle of your own. Your handmade canoe will help you design it as you want and it will be customized as per your needs. For this, you must know how to make a canoe paddle. If you are good at carpentry, you can design it elegantly and gift it to someone.

A small taper boat, which moves on manual power like paddling, is known as canoe. It is tapered at a both the ends and can be covered from the top just like a kayak. It moves by paddling, and usually it has paddles for two people. Two people at a time can paddle the canoe to sail in the waters. You can also make a canoe paddle with your kids. It will help them learn a new thing, and will let you spend some quality time with your family.

To design your own canoe paddle you must know how to make a canoe paddle and what materials and equipment you would need to make a canoe paddle. If you do not know how to make a canoe paddle, this will help you to understand the procedure and make a canoe for yourself and your dear ones.

Material required for making a canoe paddle:

  • Wood
  • Plywood
  • Drill
  • Saw
  • Nuts and Screws
  • Nails
  • Hammer
  • Rope
  • Knife
  • Scissors
  • Closet rod
  • Paddles
  • Sander
  • Varnish
  • Gloves
  • Glares

You can use different types of wood to make your canoe paddle. Ash, Cedar, Maple, Walnut, Cherry, are the most widely used wood for making canoe paddle. Use hardwood to make strong heavy durable canoe paddles. You can either make the paddle out of a big single piece of wood or join different sections together, to make a canoe paddle.

How to make a canoe paddle?

While making a canoe paddle you must take care that the wood you use is of good quality. Avoid using softwood, as it will get ruined easily on exposure to water. Another important thing is that your canoe paddle should have a good grip. It should have a nice grip.


  • Wear gloves in your hands and glares on your eyes so that you do not get hurt while cutting the wood.
  • Select a wood that is hard and matches your canoe. Avoid softwood because it will wear faster in water. Hardwood will however last long. Hardwood does not need much maintenance.
  • Keep all the woods in your work area. You can ask someone to place it there for you if you are unable to lift it.
  • Choose a piece of wood, which is at least 5 feet long and 6 inches in width. The thickness of the wood should be around 1 ¼  inch.
  • A 5 feet length for a canoe paddle is ideal because it is neither too short nor too long. The user will find it comfortable to hold it and paddle the canoe.
  • A small canoe will make the user bend while he/she paddles the canoe and will lead to severe backache.
  • Use dried wood to avoid cracks and splinters in the wood.
  • You cannot directly start cutting the wood. You need to draw a shape of paddle on the piece of wood you have. For this, you can either use an old paddle or a dummy plastic paddle to mark the shape on the wood.
  • This will give you the basic shape of the paddle. Next step is customizing the paddle.
  • You can customize the upper end of the paddle, which remains out of the water. If you are good at carpentry, you can carve it beautifully and give it a customized shape.
  • Once you have the design ready, crosscheck the shape again and then cut the wood with a saw.
  • If you have designed it in a way that you need to join the different parts of the wood, then join it with the help of nails and hammer.
  • Smoothen the edges of the paddle with the help of saw or equipments available for smoothening the edges of wooden objects.
  • Do a final check of the paddle before you give it a finishing touch. Once it is done, you need to polish it.
  • Using a brush apply varnish on the paddle.
  • Using a sander, you need to sand the paddle alternatively for dry and wet sanding.
  • Varnish makes your paddle shine and also protects it from termites. You get different shades of varnish. You can use the one that matches the shade of your boat or kayak.
  • If you wish, you can skip the handle of the paddle while garnishing. Some people prefer to do so because it gives a better grip to the handle of the paddle.

Besides using wood for making a paddle, you can also make a paddle out of plywood. However, you need plywood, which is thick. Using very thin plywood will not make a good paddle.

How to Make Condensed Milk

Condensed milk or sweetened condensed milk is a milk product. It is actually milk itself in a very thick form. Milk is boiled for long until the water evaporates and then sugar is added to it. This thick sweet mixture can be canned and preserved for long, and will not contaminate for a year or two. Once you open the can, you have to use it within 2-3 days or else unopened without refrigeration, it can last long. Usually people do not prefer to buy condensed milk unless it is needed. You can thus learn how to make condensed milk, so that you can make it whenever you need it. Learning how to make sweetened condensed milk or condensed milk is not a tough job. It is very easy.

Besides sweetened, unsweetened condensed milk was available previously, but it used to spoil easily. Thus, only sweetened condensed milk is used now. It is used to make cakes, sweets, added in tea and coffee instead of milk, to add flavor to coffee, toppings on ice creams, used instead of butter on toast etc. In Scotland, it is mixed with butter and sugar and baked to form a candy. Condensed milk has many uses. You can make it yourself following the steps given below.

Recipe - Condensed Milk /Sweetened Condensed Milk


  • Milk or milk powder – 2 cups  (low fat or full cream as you wish)
  • Margarine   or butter – 2 oz
  • Sugar – 2 cups (granulated or powder)
  • Vanilla essence (optional) – 3 to 4 drops
  • Boiling water – 3/4th to 1 cup


  • In a bowl, mix milk and margarine.
  • Blend this using an electric blender. Once the mixture becomes smooth, add sugar.
  • Again, blend it well using the blender. Next step, add boiling water. Do not add full water at once. Add water little by little, and stir it with the blender while the blender is off. This will prevent lumps from forming in the mixture.
  • Once the water is added, blend it well, and while blending, add few drops of vanilla essence.
  • Blend it thoroughly, so that there are no lumps formed, and it becomes a smooth flowing mixture. This completes the procedure of making the condensed milk.

Alternatively, you can mix all the ingredients together and blend it to make condensed milk, but blending it in steps will give you better results. It mixes the ingredients well and gives you a smooth and lustrous mixture.

Storing the Condensed milk:

  • Condensed milk needs to be stored properly so that it lasts long. You need to use sterile tight lid jars to store it.
  • Use a clean, dry jar with a tight lid.
  • Once the condensed milk cools down in room temperature, pour it in the jar.
  • Close the jar lid tightly, and you can store it either in refrigerator or outside the refrigerator. However, if you keep it in refrigerator once, you cannot keep it outside.
  • Also, once you open this jar after storing it, you will have to use it as soon as possible.
  • Storing in refrigerator is advisable because it will not spoil the condensed milk with the change in temperature.

Thus, you can make condensed milk in very less time and with utmost ease. You can use it to make sweets and delicacies and treat the taste buds of your friends and family.

Tips and warnings:

  • Plastic jars are preferable. Do not store it in a glass jar as you cannot refrigerate glass jars.
  • Use fresh milk or milk powder, because you need to store the condensed milk.
  • If you use liquid milk, boil it for almost ½ an hour so that the water in it dries completely, and it becomes thick.

How to Make Caramel from Condensed Milk

Condensed milk is used to make cakes, sweets and add rich flavor to many delicacies. Besides, condensed milk is also used to make caramel. Caramel made from condensed milk tastes much better than the normal caramel that we make from sugar. Wondering how to make caramel from condensed milk? It is very simple. Within few minutes, you can make delicious caramel from condensed milk.

This caramel can be used as jam, topping on ice cream, pastries, sweets, etc. it is also known as caramel milk spread. You do not need many ingredients for this and it is not a lengthy procedure. Here are the steps to make caramel from condensed milk:


  • Condensed milk – 1 can

There are many methods of making a caramel from condensed milk. Follow the method you find convenient.

Method 1:

  1. Get a can of condensed milk. You can either get condensed milk from market or you can use the one you make at home. (To learn how to make condensed milk at home read the instructions given later in the article.)
  2. Take a non-stick pan and pour the can of condensed milk in it.
  3. Turn on the gas and let it boil on low heat. While boiling, stir it continuously so that it does not burn.
  4. When you can turn a spoon in it completely without the mixture falling from the spoon, turn the gas off.

This is one method. Some people avoid this method, as it needs continuous stirring to save the caramel from burning. They opt for the other method instead given below:

Method 2:

  1. Take a pan and pour water in it. Turn the gas on.
  2. Immerse the condensed milk can with its lid closed tightly in the water. The water should be so much that 3/4th of the can is in water. Do not immerse it in water completely.
  3. Leave the can in the water for around two hours and turn the gas on low flame.
  4. Keep checking the water in the pan. Refill the pan once the water level reduces. Do not let the level of water reduce or dry out.
  5. After two hours, turn the gas off. Get the can out from water.
  6. Let the can cool down completely. DO not try to open the can when it is hot.
  7. After cooling down, you will get thick caramel that you can use to enrich your dishes.

In this way, you can make caramel from condensed milk. As mentioned above, you can either use homemade condensed milk or get it from market. To make condensed milk at home, you need sugar, milk powder, margarine, vanilla essence and boiling water. Blend all these ingredients using a blender to get a thick lustrous mixture. Store this mixture in a sterilized jar in the refrigerator.

Besides caramel you can also make caramel icing from condensed milk. You just need a few ingredients for this.

Caramel Icing


  • Brown Sugar                                             2 ½ cup
  • Condensed milk                                         1 can
  • Butter                                                          ½ cup
  • Whole milk                                                 ¾ cup
  • Vanilla                                                        1 tsp
  1. Mix the condensed milk and sugar first in a pan, and cook it on low flame. Let the sugar melt.
  2. In another vessel, mix vanilla and milk, heat the mixture on low flame for 2 minutes.
  3. Now add the butter mixture, in the sugar and condensed milk mixture. Mix it well.
  4. Let the caramel icing  cool down. Serve when it is chilled.

Caramel and caramel sauce can be used to add flavor to a normal dish. Caramel sauce can be used as icing. It gives delicious flavor to your cake. Try out these recipes and charm your friends and loved ones.

How to Minimize Sims 2

We often play games when we are sitting idle or also in between work. When we are stressed of working continuously on our computer, we usually play a game, and sometimes we get stuck because we do not know how to minimize a game while playing the game. We cannot just shut down the game because if we wish to continue it further we will lose our scores. Even while playing Sims 2, it becomes difficult at times to minimize the game window if you do not know how to minimize Sims 2.

Let us consider the example of Sims 2 game. Here are some ways of minimizing a Sims 2 game.

Sims 2 is a Maxis product. It is a sequel to the very popular game ‘The Sims’. Sims 2 is very much popular for desktops and mobile games. Here are some simple ways to minimize the Sims 2 game window while playing the game.

  1. While on the games window, press ‘Alt’ + ‘Tab’. These two keys automatically minimize your games screen.
  2. Once you have minimized it, you can again restore the games window by pressing the same two together again.
  3. Once you press ‘Alt’+'tab’, it minimizes the games screen and when you press it again it maximizes the screen.

This was while you are playing the game. However, you can also minimize Sims 2 while it is in the window mode.

Here some instructions as to how to minimize Sims 2 game by opening it in windows mode.

  1. Select the ‘Properties’ option by using the right click of your mouse on the ‘Sims 2′ icon.
  2. Once you have selected properties, go to the field titled ‘Target’. Place the cursor at the end of the text in this field. The text in the field will end with ‘.exe’
  3. Replace ‘.exe’ with ‘-w’. Hit the ‘Apply’ option and then click ‘OK’. This will change the settings of the game. Next time when you start the game by clicking on its shortcut icon on your desktop, it will open in Windows mode.
  4. Once the game opens in Windows mode, you can click the ‘minimize’ button on the top left hand side of the window. It looks like ‘_’.

These instructions will help you to minimize a Sims 2 game. However, some other ways are applicable to games other than Sims 2. These are some shortcut keys.

You can use the following keys to minimize your game screens.

  1. Win + M – this will minimize all the windows on your screen at one go.
  2. Alt+Space+N – this will minimize window you are currently working on. For example if you are on the game screen, it will minimize only the game screen
  3. While you are on the games screen, you can press the F12 key. This will again automatically minimize your games screen.

These are some shortcut keys in general, for minimizing the games screen for any games. For Sims 2 game, you have some different options as mentioned above.

How to Minimize Outlook to System Tray

If you use Microsoft Outlook in your business related conversations, to manage emails from your clients, etc. then you will need to access the mail daily and many times a day. For this, you do not need to open Microsoft Outlook every time, or log in and log out every time. You can always have your mail open, and still no one can access it. For this, you must know how to minimize outlook to the system tray.

A system tray is an icon on the right hand side of the task bar on your computer. This system tray displays the status of various applications and functions. For example, the computer’s speaker, modem status, etc. you can minimize your Microsoft Outlook mail as well.

There is one basic method to minimize Microsoft Outlook to the system tray. Read the instructions below and learn how to minimize outlook to system tray.

  1. On the right hand side of the task bar, there is a system tray. You need to minimize your Outlook Express in this system tray.
  2. For this, first launch the Microsoft Outlook Express email program. Once you do this, you can see an icon on the taskbar and one in the system tray.
  3. Right click on the Outlook Express icon on your system tray.
  4. When you right click this option, you get a list of options, out of which you need to select the option ‘Hide When Minimized’.
  5. Once you select this option, a checkmark  appears next to it. This means that you have activated ‘minimize to system tray’ option.
  6. Go to the Microsoft Outlook window, click on the ‘exit’ or ‘minimize’ button and your email page will minimize in the system tray, and not show up on the task bar.
  7. To maximize the page, double click the icon on system tray.

Besides this method of minimizing MS Outlook to the system tray, there are some alternate ways to minimize it to the system tray. For this you need the Actual Windows Manager. The Actual Windows Manager is software which helps you to add and remove buttons and helps you to automate many operations of your Windows. The other advantage is that it works on all versions of Windows. You can download it and use a free trail before purchasing it. Here are some ways the Actual Windows Manager can help you to minimize outlook to tray easily.

Method 1: Minimize Alternatively Button

  • You can add this button to the title bar on your windows with the help of Actual Window Manager. By installing this button, the Outlook can be minimized directly to the system tray with just one click of the mouse.

Method 2: Minimize Button:

  • If you use the Actual Window Manager, and click on the ‘minimize’ button on Outlook Express, it will automatically minimize your Microsoft Outlook Express to the system tray, and to the task bar.

These are just some of the options. Actual Windows Manager gives you many such options that will automatically minimize Outlook to system tray.

Using the instructions given above, you can minimize the Microsoft Outlook Express to the system tray. The Actual Windows Manger has made it very simple and gives you different options to minimize the Outlook mail to the system tray. Use the one you are convenient with and keep your taskbar vacant for programs that are more urgent.

How to Minimize CPU Usage

The usage of CPU or the processor depends on the number of applications or programs running at a time. Usually, while multi-tasking between different windows and tabs, the RAM usage increases, and this in turn increases the usage of the CPU. If you wish to lower the usage of CPU, you must know how to minimize CPU usage.

If your system is functioning properly, then ideally, the usage of your CPU should be between 0 to 1 percent. If it moves above this, then your system will slow down or heat up and consume more electricity than it usually does. You can minimize the CPU usage by some simple settings using the utilities on your Windows.

Follow the instruction given below and minimize the usage of your CPU:

  • You need ‘Task Manager’ to set the CPU usage.
  • You can right click on any empty space on task bar on your computer screen. Then from the options available you need to choose ‘Task Manager’.
  • You can also access the ‘Task Manager’ by pressing the keys ‘Ctrl+Alt+Del’.
  • Task Manger will help your window to identify the programs you use the most and suggest on removing the programs you do not use much.
  • Once you open the ‘Task Manager’ click on the ‘Performance’ option.
  • This option will put up the meter on your screen. This meter will represent the CPU usage on your screen.
  • Once the meter comes up, just check the percentage of usage for a few minutes. If the idle usage exceeds 1 percent, then you need to check out the problem.
  • To find out the program or process that is utilizing the CPU usage you need to click on the option ‘Processes’. This option will help you check which processes are using up the CPU resources.
  • Once you have identified the process that is eating up on your CPU usage, check for the icon next to it.
  • The name would describe the program that is actually utilizing it, and the icon will correspond to the program or process.
  • Close the program that is causing the problem. If the program does not close, click on ‘End Process’ on the task manager and terminate the process or program.
  • To solve the problem completely, uninstall that particular program and reinstall it.

In this way you can check the CPU usage of your system. Minimize the usage of your CPU by checking for such problematic programs. Also, the more your RAM is free, the less the CPU usage will be. While multi-tasking, remember to close down the programs you are not using and thus free up the RAM. Also, opening a number of programs at a time may overload your system, and your system may hang or shut down. Too much of downloading, surfing and working on different programs at one time will overload your computer.

Minimizing CPU usage will help your system function smoothly.

How to Minimize Taxes

Your taxes take away a big share of your income, and if you wish to lower it, you must know how to minimize taxes. However, you must know how to get rid of your taxes legally. Not paying taxes or resorting to wrongful measures of lowering taxes will land you in legal trouble and you might end up paying double the amount you were trying to save.

You can minimize your taxes, and to an extent that it becomes totally nil.

Follow the tips given below and learn how to minimize taxes:

  • Your registered income decides your amount of tax. The higher the income shown on papers, the higher is your tax.
  • You cannot stop fearing taxes, so you need to show your expenses in a way that your taxes are reduced.
  • Getting bills for every purchase will serve as a proof for your expenses.
  • Invest in tax-deductible plans. Investing in a retirement account, which gives tax benefits, will help you in lowering your taxes.
  • Opt for a 401k plan if your employer offers you one. This will again help you to lower your taxes. You can talk to your employer about this.
  • People who are self employed can opt for a special pension program named SEP or Keogh Retirement Plan.
  • You can deduct your expenses from your income and lower your taxes. If any kind of mandatory expenses such as medical expense is needed, get it done and include the bills in your expenses.
  • According to the IRS, medical expenses exceeding 7.5% of your total gross earnings will be deducted from your taxable income.
  • Segregate or itemize your expenses. Segregating your expenses will help you lower your taxes.
  • Here is a list of some expenses that you can deduct from your taxable income to lower your taxes-
  1. Traveling and accommodation expenses related to job or business
  2. Traveling for interviews and in-transit expense
  3. Any expenses related to your workplace that your employer does not reimburse for you.
  4. Interest paid on student loan
  5. Amounts spent on tax audits or preparations.
  • Besides this, you can opt for tax credits. These tax credits may make you eligible to lower your taxes. Some elements under tax credit are –
  1. Buying hybrid cars
  2. Child daycare expenses, etc.

You can opt for these tips to lower your taxes. You can also make any corrections or amendments in your previous taxes, if you have failed to include something that would help you to lower your taxes. You can make amendments in your tax returns for a period of up to 3 years.

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