How to Shop Faster

How to Shop Faster

How to Shop Faster

Are you thinking that you had overspent while grocery shopping last month? Besides, are you bothered by the fact that you could have purchased the essential items in a better and smarter manner? Well the good news is that you are not the only one who fall in this bracket of being constantly having to worry after making some kind of purchase, as it has been found by many popular surveys on the mode of purchasing of most of the people that almost every buyer at some point of time or the other has to worry about their pattern of shopping. In order to get a relief from the constant worry that bothers them at the end of every purchase that they make, most of the buyers try going slow through the products while they shop as they feel that in this way they can do their best in choosing the best of the stuff that they need. However, the findings of most of the surveys have shown quite a contrast to what most of the people believe. Instead of choosing on the important things that they require, what most of the buyers who had spent the highest amount of time in looking did was that they merely kept on examining the packages of the items as well as stopped to look at almost every other product that appealed to them, in the process wasting a lot of time and spending a lot of money on non-essential products, most of which they do not even need and use. Most of the time what they did was to simply stuff in things which were unhealthy and later on when they were asked the reason behind, they themselves could not cite a reason for their purchase. So the best advice would be, which has been found out after many a survey, is to first and foremost prepare a concrete list of the items that you require and begin with the process of getting the products as fast as possible, which also aids in saving your finances in the best possible manner.

  • Not every store has the best of stuff for the consumers: A lot of research as well as survey were being conducted in order to find out the mode of purchasing by most of the buyers. It was found out by the popular survey by the name of the Consumer Reports that had taken into consideration around 24,000 people that most of the people were not happy with their shopping experience in a certain shop that they stuck to, despite the fact that they were almost regular buyers in that particular store. However, a few of them were happy with their buying experience. Among the most popular of the complaints made by the buyers were about closed payment counters, congested passages, out-of-stock offers and the like. In fact, as per the findings of the survey, most of the buyers had actually stopped purchasing in the local nearby store that they had frequently visited, because of a few problem like bad quality of the things, higher prices, long queues, and so on.

imagesThe mantra to avoid this is to buy packaged items at less expensive shops and to purchase fresh fruits and vegetables from departmental stores. Actually the fact is , as found out by the Consumer Reports National Research Center survey on rates and the quality of the service,it is extremely difficult to come across one particular shop which has all the three elements of best of the service, good quality of products, rock-bottom rates and the like. That is to say, there is no such concept as the perfect supermarket. If the prices of the stuff are less, then it is bound that the quality of the fruits and the vegetables are very poor, the help being given by the people of the store is extremely bad, there are long queues in the payment counters and so on. If the quality of the things are good, then you are bound to pay more rates than usual. The advice to the general public here is to buy fresh fruits and vegetables from one shop and staples from another. In fact, the stores try their level best to make the shoppers spend as much as possible with the use of subtle things like item placement to sounds.

Hence, as per the findings and solutions provided by the Consumer Reports National Research Center, with due consideration of limited-assortment shops, supercenters, supermarkets and warehouse clubs the best stores for service are Harris Teeter, Publix, Raley’s and Wegman’s, but then they do not offer the lowest of prices to the consumer. But if you are looking for cheaper rates, then the shops for you are Aldi, Costco, Sam’s Club, Trader Joe’s and Wal-Mart Supercenter.

Therefore, next time you are wondering how to shop faster, you know where to head to.

How to Plan a Long Vacation

How to Plan a Long Vacation

How to Plan a Long Vacation

It is a well known fact that many times because of our extremely busy schedule, we desire to have a break or go for a holiday, where we are not disturbed by the thoughts of our chores to be completed within a particular schedule of time. Besides, going on such a vacation means that we get a break from the daily schedule of our monotonous tasks, which we otherwise have to engage in on a day to day basis. Moreover, we also get refreshed after visiting a place which we had never visited before, and can come back home feeling energized as well as refreshed to carry on with our regular work with renewed energy and vigor. At the same time, we can also get time to spend with our family as well as loved ones, with whom we otherwise only get time to spend during the weekends, since on the other days, we are busy dealing with our daily chores which hardly give us time to even connect with nature and discover as well as enjoy its beauty. In the course of being on a holiday, we can also connect with our own inner selves and experience calmness and peace within, something which our modern lives otherwise do not allow us to. In other words, being on a vacation is a process of detoxifying our inner senses from the harmful effects of our modern lives. But then there are times in our lives, when the toll of our busy and mechanical lives is so bad on our entire mental, physical and spiritual aspects that we are advised by our doctor to rejuvenate our senses by spending some quality time with our near and dear ones in the lap of nature. That is to say, at such moments, a mere holiday for some days does not aid us in coming back to our normal state of life, but then we have to find out how to plan a long vacation with our family. The soothing effect that nature has on us in the course of being on such a holiday is tremendous and once we are back we can continue with our day to day tasks. As the popular saying goes “All work and no play make Jack a dull boy”, at times, we also deserve a break from our work.

All said and done, we are finally planning to go on a vacation in order to break the boring as well as daily schedule of our chores which we anyways, always have to carry on with throughout the rest of our lives that we live on the earth. Hence, the immediate task at hand is to focus all our positive energies on deciding how to plan a long vacation with our loved ones, who, if not more, are equally excited at the idea of the long holiday. In the face of the recent economic crisis hardly hitting the economy and almost every sector under the sun, it is something out of question for most of us to plan for a holiday. However, if a little bit of caution is observed, going on this vacation isn’t too much of a headache.

  • Decide on the location of holidaying, the time of leaving for the place and the duration you want to spend there: The first and foremost of all planning is deciding on the place of vacation and when you want to be there. This is especially needed if you are somebody who is a working person, as there is the question of being granted a leave by your employer and from your place of work. Another essential element to be considered in this is the span of time you want to take a break. This is required because all the other preparations have to be done accordingly.

Moreover, there is also the question of the budget that you have decided on for taking the vacation. For this, you have to have proper knowledge of your own financial strength as well as the various expenses that you might have to incur in the course of your holidaying in that particular place. What you are best advised regarding this is not to begin making the payments in the form of a credit card, which might only add on to your worries, more than decreasing it. The mantra to make things easier and simpler for you in terms of finance is to start making the payments with the help of cash. In this manner, the whole vacation becomes less stressful and you are left with little tension later on at the beginning of the next month when you do not have to bother paying a hefty credit card bill payment.

imagesOne good advice is to sign up at the online sites of many chains of hotels. In this manner, you can add on many points that will aid you in being entitled for a free night’s stay or being entitled for a discount on the actual rate of the hotel room. Another way to save on with your expenses in terms of money is to go for a package deal, wherein you are entitled to have a holiday in one of their properties, which is a great and luxurious way to enjoy your vacation. You can decide on the kind of meal for the number of days that you would like to spend in their properties, after signing on to a package deal. Besides, if you plan to stay on a park property; what you can do is to leave your car, if you are planning to take it anyways, parked in the premises of their hotel. In this manner, you are saving on the charges of parking as well as the factor of time.

If you are one who likes to pay a visit to the beach, then in that case, try your level best to be at a hotel near the beach side. But prefer not to stay in a room facing the ocean side, since that would help you to save around $30 to $50 every night. Moreover, if you are fortunate enough to have access to a hotel room with the added facilities of having a microwave and a refrigerator, it would help you to make a few of the meals in the hotel room itself.

One of the common locations that most of the people wish to go for a long vacation is the hilly areas of the world, which as most of the people believe, aids best in calming down the nerves of the modern busy man. A good mountainous location is the Gatlinburg or the Pigeon Forge areas in the state of Tennessee. In these locations it is advised that the traveler gets hold of local coupon books as you can save a fortune on meals, shows, and in taking memoirs for others back at home. If you are of the adventurous kinds start investing in a tent, to begin with, and a few basic camping items. For such adventurous outings you are not required to pay a lot as you can buy most of the items from the online sites, thrift shops, yard sales and the like. Campgrounds are the best options to spend some exciting and memorable time in the lap of nature with less cost.

One would find that it does not need a fortune to enjoy a great vacation with some proper research and planning.

How to Deal with Divorce

How to Deal with Divorce

How to Deal with Divorce

Being social animals, we human beings have a constant need to be amidst others of our kind and that is precisely the reason behind us getting united in the bond of a marriage, hoping to live happily ever after with our better halves. But then, especially in the modern times, the element of trust has become so fragile that at the drop of a hat and with the first hint of issues not working out between the couple, they decide to part ways. However, when it comes to reality, both the husband and the wife do their level best to make things work out as much as is possible. At times, however, despite our very best efforts, nothing appears to be turning for the better and then there is no other option left before the couple but to call it quits. The after effect of a break-up, or a divorce or a separation, can be horrifying for both the husband and the wife, and while a few of them are able to deal with the pain and the suffering calmly, for most of the people this is a trauma, the scar of which remains throughout one’s entire life. There is no fixed mantra about how to deal with divorce and it mostly depends on the kind of individual we are, that is to say, how best we are at getting rid of the pain as well as the suffering and the manner in which we decide to go for a divorce.

After a divorce has taken place, if the person says that he/she is fine, it does not mean the same for all the people. For a few, being secured is extremely essential and hence, they focus more on the financial or money aspect of the divorce or separation. But others might dread at the thought of being away from their child or children, which becomes a major concern of the divorce or separation. In almost all the cases, a divorce is marked by a feeling of anger, and most of the husbands and wives put the blame on each other for the divorce having taken place.

One of the very best ways to determine how to deal with divorce is to first and foremost have an insight into one’s own inner self, that is, behavior towards our better halves and try our best to figure out what it is that is causing us to behave in a certain way. It is during this time that most of the people put the blame on the other partner for the things that has gone wrong in their relationship. Agreed, that the other individual has his/her own personal issues that led to fueling the process for the divorce or the process of separation, but then blaming them for the same will not aid you in feeling better for the divorce or the separation.

What all to take into consideration in the process of a divorce

imagesIt is a known fact that is well advised by the divorce attorneys to the couple that going through the process of a divorce will entail a lot of both emotional and physical energy and will leave one drained at the end of each such painful day. There will come a situation almost every single day when both the husband and the wife will have to make himself or herself come to terms with the fact that your once beloved is no longer going to be with you soon and the dream that you had hoped would turn into a reality of spending the rest of your life together with him or her will never actually fructify. This aspect of making oneself understand is one of the most difficult parts that one has to go through in the process of a divorce. Because at the end of the day, almost every person tries his or her level best to save their marriage and live together in the same house under the same roof.

How to cope with one’s emotions in the process of a divorce or a separation?

The process of a divorce or separation brings about a lot of confusion among the people and it is as if the the individual is battling with his or her own set of emotions. It is as if his or her emotions keep changing from one moment to the next and being rid of the feeling that one’s loved one is no longer with him/her is something which, as we all know, extremely hard for all of us to come to terms with. You are no longer able to do all your daily responsibilities of your everyday life in a similar way as you used to engage in before. Even though there will always be a shoulder or the other to lean on to, especially at such times, it is the person himself or herself who has to ensure that they are over with all the pain as early as is possible and get on ahead with life. For this, at times, there may be circumstances when you may have to grieve over the fact that you will no longer have the company of your beloved.

It is all the more common that being human, we have the tendency to put blame on others for even something that did not work out as a result of our fault. However, the point to bear in mind during this time is that even doing so will not help the individual to get rid of all the pain as well as the suffering. Instead, it can only create more difficulties for you in going ahead into the future into a new life. What you are in need of at this time are merely measures to make sure that you can get rid of the feelings of anger that overcome you every time you think of your better half.

The key to get away of all the emotions and feelings of suffering after being through a process of divorce is to be in charge of the situation at hand by being more organized and by knowing how to deal with divorce in a calm method. For all said and done, it is as they often say “Life moves on.”

How to Clean Your House

How to Clean Your House

How to Clean Your House

We all like to be amidst clean things and avoid things that are cluttered, dirty and messy. Yes, we all agree that a clean and neat home attracts a lot of good elements to it, apart from being pleasing to the eyes of its beholder and it appears welcoming to those who land in it. On the contrary, any house that is dirty with unwanted items is nothing less than a pain to the eyes of its inhabitants. But, a house cannot be dirty or messy on its own. It is done so by its owners or the people living in it, and accordingly it is the duty and the responsibility of the inhabitants or the owners to ensure that it is cleaned up as frequently as is possible, in order to make it free of any dust as well as germs that are found in the house. But then, not every individual is well versed about how to clean a house, and the most common thing that happens when some people are giving the thought of cleaning their house is bringing in the factor of procrastination that keeps them postponing their plans till the day they get the news of somebody coming to live in the house. To aid you in getting rid of this dilemma, let us consider a few tried and tested measures regarding how to keep a house clean and neat without indulging into too many hassles.

  • Begin at the task: The first and foremost thing to consider when cleaning the house is to start with the work the moment you decide to clean it. Besides, you have to think the extent to which you desire to get it cleaned up and the amount of time you have in your hands to do the task at hand. This will ensure that you can fix the cleaning schedule in the manner you want it to. You have to be honest as much as possible with yourself regarding the preparation of the schedule of cleaning up the house as anything that is beyond your capacity will only bring unwanted burden on you to do the work.

For doing the cleaning of your house, you might even have to ask for a little help from other people, especially if they are also living in the house with you. It is not only your duty to clean the house, but also theirs. Instead of having a big cleaning campaign all of a sudden, one fine day, it is always advised best that you carry on with a little amount of cleaning every single day, so that at the end of say, a week or a month, you are not faced with circumstances where you find that the entire task is left undone and you are faced with a hell of a time in accomplishing those work on a single day.

  • Start with cleaning of the glasses as well as the mirrors: First and foremost, clean the glasses, including the mirrors and the windows of the house by using a dish washing soap, a rag or a squeeze as well as a solution of hot or warm water. In fact, a no-scratch cleaner that is in a powdered form is best to clean materials as ceramics, glasses, any metallic items and mirrors, because of the fact that it removes any residue left from the hard water, without making any scratch on the surface of the cleaned thing. The next step after this is to rub the surface of the item with a dry lint-free cloth or paper towels of the same quality.

If in case, you are bothered about being environment-friendly and at the same time wish to clean your house as soon as possible, then the best advice in this is to make the utilization of vinegar and water and follow a similar procedure by using a dry lint-free cloth or a lint-free paper towel and then wipe the surface of the thing with the aid of a newspaper. You might also pour the cleaner on a paper towel and rub the surface of the item with it. However, if this process is not followed properly, then it may leave streaks on the surface.

  • images1Clean the furniture: Unlike a glass cleaner, a furniture polish is not for the purpose of cleaning,however, it can be used for cleaning. For this, you need to be extra careful to only pick in a furniture polish meant for the specific purpose by going through the instructions given in the product specifications of the product. There are some kind of material of furniture that can bear the application of water on it and for this, the above procedure of utilization of the soapy solution can be adhered to. But be extra cautious to dry off the the surface of the thing before long. Even if you are using a furniture polish to clean the furniture, make sure that it is wiped away soon according to the directions after applying it. In this way, you can ensure that it prevents the dust from magnetizing on to your furniture.

Most of the people commit the folly of using an all-purpose cleaner which are not always safe for cleaning up every item in the house. Hence, the best advice here is to go through the instructions given on the cleaner before buying it, in order to ensure that it fits your needs in the best possible manner.
At the end of the task you can have a walk throughout the whole house and check out for yourself, if there are any other tasks left for cleaning. Some of these tasks might be changing the bedsheets and the pillow covers, if necessary, cleaning up the food particles that may be sticking on the microwave, cleaning and clearing out the unnecessary items that are put on the dining table, removing the trash from the dustbins and so on.
It is important that you do the work with a good mood of cleaning up the house that pave the way in creating an atmosphere of cleanliness in your house, what you can do is also put on some favorite music of yours to make sure that the cleaning does not become a chore, at the name of which you dread. Cleaning will also become an enjoyable task for you if you take the assistance of someone from your family.

How to Deal with Loneliness

How to Deal with Loneliness

How to Deal with Loneliness

It is said that human beings arrive in the world alone, and one day or the other they have to abandon the attachments of this earth also alone without anybody accompanying them during their journey from one world to the other. But then from the time we are on the earth, we cannot but desire the company of some individual or the other. It is because of the fact that no matter how much we may try our level best to lead a selfish life, at the end of the day we are all social animals and cannot simply expect to live lives without the presence of someone or the other. But the most terrible of feelings can be during such moments of our lives when we desperately want the company of some person or loved one and that individual is ignoring us for some or the other reason. Having had to face these kinds of circumstances in the course of one’s life is an extremely unfortunate matter for the person. However, at one point of time or the other, almost everybody goes through this type of a situation. But the worst feelings of loneliness can be felt by someone at the time of festivals, if he or she does not have the good fortune of being in the company of a family member or friend during these times. When it is the season of the holidays, especially many lonely hearts can be found thinking what to do and whom to share their joys with. Another moment when an individual can be feeling lonely is at times of becoming anxious as well as stressed out, when he or she desires a shoulder to lean on to for solace. However not many know how to deal with loneliness. It is a fact well known that loneliness is a pain which affects us in a number of ways. The biggest as well as the most powerful effect that loneliness can have is to drive a person on the verge of depression. These depressed and lonely people are the ones who cannot get along well with other people in social gatherings as well. These two symptoms are inter-related to each other and one can increase the other. Besides, if somebody is going through a phase of loneliness, then it has been found out that he or she also has a lot of issues with their health as well. These people are constantly susceptible with one or the other health related issue. The term ‘broken heart’ actually has its scientific origin in the fact that the areas of the brain that deal with physical pain are the same as those which handle the feelings associated with being excluded from a group. Here are a few ways to deal with loneliness:

  • Be part of a group: Begin with actively becoming a part of some class, be it an art class, a class to be a part of the local community services, an exercise class, and the like. This would aid in making you feel that even you are a part of some group or the other, and that even others share some interest of yours. Moreover, you start to feel a sense of belonging to some group and enhance that feeling of yours. In this way, your creativity is further enhanced and you can have something to look forward to at the end of the day.
  • How to Deal with LonelinessGet a Pet: One great manner to know how to deal with loneliness is to get the help of pets, especially cats and more so, dogs, which serve as one of the best companions in the absence of any human company. What you can do is to rescue a cat or a dog from some imminent danger and discover an entire new world of altruism as well as companionship, and no sooner will you find that you are hardly left with anytime for loneliness. Besides, it is an accepted fact that an animal, and mostly dogs, give unconditional love to the owner, something which can easily fight over the demon of loneliness.
  • Get suggestions online: It is a very common issue that many people around the world are experiencing the problem and troubles associated with the element of loneliness. Hence, it is also not a big deal to come across many other people on the internet who are going through similar circumstances, wherein they think that life simply does not have any meaning for them. However, caution has to be observed in mingling with such people on the internet whom you cannot see with your own eyes and it is best advised not to divulge any personal information to them. If every caution has been observed, then sometimes even lasting friendships can be formed over the internet as well as benefit you in many ways.
  • Seek the aid of the experts in the field of psychology: It has been found out after years of research that even amidst other people, depressed and lonely people continue with their feelings of depression and loneliness and the presence of people around them do not help them in any manner. If this is the same case with you, then it is high time for you to take the aid of the professionals in the field of psychology, who can help you in getting rid of the problem at the earliest before it takes a toll on your health, which happens in most of the cases. This kind of a counseling is needed more so if you are also facing the problems of depression. These therapies, especially the one called as cognitive behavioral therapy, can aid you in overcoming the problems and also find out how to deal with loneliness in the future as well.
  • Strengthen your present relationships: Many a times we tend to not pay too much of a heed to our existing relationships and look for newer relationships, outside our immediate circle of friends. What we can do to begin with is to start deepening bonds with those people and try to call them over to your house more often and go out and spend more time with them, rather than fretting over the fact that you are all alone.

The bottom line is to be a part of some or the other activity which keeps your mind occupied and keep creating newer experiences each passing day. Moreover, volunteering for a cause will also help in giving a boost to your confidence for the fact that you will feel that you have done an act of altruism, and you can be more happy as well as satisfied and find more meaning for your existence on the earth. In the process, you would find that you have well found out the mantra for how to deal with loneliness. During those times when you experience loneliness, you have to know that there are measures to fight.

How to Deal with Jealousy

How to Deal with Jealousy

How to Deal with Jealousy

Do you find yourself becoming jealous at every move that your not merely great, but almost hard-to-get girlfriend whom you have found after a couple of failed relationships, makes? Even if the moves of your perfect partner makes you go green with envy, you know at the same time that you are also somebody who a couple of months back could not bear the sight of your ex who used to simply get jealous at the sight of you catching a glimpse of another beautiful lady. Here, it is today, you, who is doing exactly what you had disliked a few months back. But the biggest part of the story is that your act of jealousy will not do any good to contribute to the durability of your relationship with your pretty girlfriend, unlike your feelings that it would aid in keeping her loyal and rooted to you. If you are on the contrary in this notion, then it is high time that you find out the methods of how to deal with jealousy. The fact is that, jealousy only breeds in more undue anxiety as well as worry into the relationship, and apart from not letting you and your partner rest in peace, it also tears apart the entire relationship.

Even though the behavior of the other partner contributes a lot on how to deal with jealousy, there are some tried and tested measures that can be adopted to be rid of the problem if you are occupied with it. However, you have to know that not observing carefulness in the employment of these methods can lead to a lot of unnecessary complications between the two of you.

Seek the help of an expert in the field: Sometimes, it is merely our feelings that disturb us to a great extent and we are not able to fully concentrate on any of our activities properly, continuously being pervaded by the fear and thought of being cheated by our partner. In such a case, the best advice is to seek the aid of a professional in this field and go through a process of therapy, as they are in the best of position to guide you on this. But if you still feel that you simply do not stand a chance before other members of your gender, then it is time for you to work on those aspects of your personality, which you feel are not in your favor. For that matter, you may even do away with your old look and adopt a new one, or learn new things as part of your personality development process. But the point is that if someone wants to cheat on another individual, then there is no stopping him/her. Hence, it is of no use trying too hard to prevent him or her from doing so.

Take the help of a detective in the field: Even though, it might sound to be a bit more than necessary, however, at times even hiring a detective can help you to find out how to deal with jealousy, if you are fortunate enough to discover with the aid of the professional in the field that the only thing that your partner does throughout the day is to go to his or her place of work and come back home at the end of the day. The professional might follow your partner for a day or so and find out the truth behind you fears.images

Put your partner to test: There are times when we might have to seek the help of a few dishonest ways, which might also be against ethics, if you are becoming too much anxious, nervous, panicky, stressed out, tensed as well as worried if your partner is cheating on you and going out with better looking members of the opposite sex. What you can do in this, is to take the aid of a very good-looking friend of yours, somebody who is not known to your partner, and send him or her and check out for yourself if your partner is actually being dishonest and cheating you or not.

Focus on your strengths: As the old saying goes that if you are not able to beat others at their game, then find out a way to make yourself look good, and every time if some member of the other gender admires and looks at your partner, instead of beginning an argument and fight over that matter, take it as something to be proud of, since at the end of the day, it is none but you, with whom your partner sleeps with. Try focusing more on your good qualities and improve on them, instead of being upset over the matter.

Agreed that there might be times in your relationship when you are not able to be in a state of peace, and are constantly being haunted by the fear of being cheated by your partner in love. It is precisely at this moment, when it is best to seek the help of your loved one and ask them directly about the fears encircling your mind and if they are up to something that they are not supposed to be doing. In this manner, the element of trust might come back in your relationship, if your partner feels that you are being honest in expressing your fears and then they will do their best in aiding you in getting rid of your unnecessary fears. In this way, you would have come to find out how to deal with jealousy in the best possible manner.

How to Cope with a Break-Up

How to Cope with a Break-Up

How to Cope with a Break-Up

We human beings desire the company of somebody or the other in order to feel cared for and loved as well as to share our joys and sorrows. But as luck would have it, at some point of time or the other, almost everyone has to feel the pain as well as suffering of going through the process of a break up that leaves us going through a feeling of being uncared for, unloved and being worthless. Irrespective of the duration that we had been with that special somebody, we nevertheless feel the absence of that individual when he or she is no longer with us. Even though some people have to say that if the time duration spent with the person is not much, we tend to forget about him or her earlier; but if someone has been through the process of a break up, he or she can vouch for the fact that if it was a case of true love between the two individuals, then every relationship, irrespective of its time, leaves a mark in our heart and we keep remembering about that person, if not for all our lives, at least for a considerable amount of time. Even if you are the one who took the harsh decision to part ways, it is nevertheless an extremely painful situation for both the individuals concerned. There are a few measures that can be adopted to find out how to cope with a break-up.

  • The immediate effect: Also called as the after effect of something, after a break-up one cannot but have to bear the consequences or the pain as well as suffering of the havoc that has been caused in one’s life. It is a time when you have to be doing what you want to do. It is but quite common that at this time, you will be feeling extremely let down and may desire to merely spend some days crying over the unfortunate incident that has happened, or want to have ice-cream in the quietude of your own room, or be immersed in a project in order to forget about the feelings of pain and suffering. Do all these, if they aid you in forgetting about the feelings of pain. Besides, you may need to seek the help of your valuable friends during this time, even if it means them being there by your side to simply lend an ear to all that had taken place between you and your ex. This is precisely the reason behind the need of friends at this crucial moment of our lives and we generally feel better by only talking to our friends during these trying times of our lives.images (1)
  • Spare aside some time for a bit of reflection on what happened between the two of you: Even though it definitely seems a task difficult to do, nevertheless we have to devote some amount of time on ourselves and what was it that was lacking in us, that made it hard for the relationship to sail through. This is a work which has to be done after the first setback has been dealt with and it is no doubt going to be something very hard as we are all our favorite. However, if viewed from a different perspective, it can serve to be extremely helpful because of the fact that we can later apply all of what we have learnt in the process of going through the break-up in our future relationships. Moreover, it will ensure that we have got all the peace of mind that we were looking for after the break-up took place, and if we come to the conclusion, after reflecting on the cause behind the break-up, that we were not at all responsible for it, then it will prevent us from accusing ourselves for the tragedy.

The only best solution to being rid of all the pain as well as suffering is to begin enjoying your life all over again with your friends, who at this point of time, can serve as good Samaritans to pull you out of your tragedy. However at times, there may be circumstances when your friends may not be enough to pull you out of your situation and herein, counseling from an expert in the field comes in to your aid. The fact is that, you merely have to believe in yourself that if the relationship did not work out for you, then it was not meant for you. In this manner, you can know that you have found out the mantra about how to cope with a break-up and the time is not long when you will soon find out your prince or princess waiting with open arms. Clarinex

How to Deal with Difficult People

How to deal with difficult people

How to deal with difficult people

Even though it is expected from us that we share and spend our lives as well as at times embrace the various differences of other people, there are nevertheless few people whom we can never get along with. At times, some of them have a few abnormal or strange behavior and habits which make it difficult for them to mingle with other individuals. Again, there are some other people who simply like to hurt others or make fun of them. In such an event, how do we deal with the situation at hand? Did we get demoralized and lose our cool at that time? Or do we face it boldly and vow never to let it affect us again in the future? Many a times, we merely let the event pass by, but then there are a few of those who learn from these situations and know how to handle it in a better manner in the future when faced with the same experience. No matter wherever we escape to, there are bound to be such people who are very irritating, pessimistic, who do not agree to our ideas, people who irritate us, individuals who do not love our company and the like. In view of the growing number of people in the modern times, it is but obvious that this is bound to happen, because no two persons are similar. The effect of it is that our emotions are hurt, which drives us to one of our basic instincts for survival, i. e., attack the other person in order to defend our own selves. Simply putting it, we ought to learn how to deal with difficult people if we have to get ahead in our lives because in some place or the other, there would be such unpleasant persons to deal with.
That said, however, we ought to know how to deal with difficult people in a better way, for during such times when we are under attack, we might become human animals only on the lookout to defend ourselves, losing sight of our better and higher selves, which is only natural. In order to maintain our calm during such moments of test, some of the following measures can be adopted:

Consider the pros and cons of the event: Before reacting to a situation, it is always mandatory that we consider if defending our position, which we believe is right, would add on to our benefits or profits in any manner. If the answer to this particular question is in the negative, then we should think of dropping out of the argument immediately.

Do not react instantly: Many a times it might be that when an individual tries to hurt another person, then they are on the lookout for the other individual to respond in an equally negative way and continue with the process of sending over negative vibes. When we react to their demoralizing manners, then we are actually aiding them in achieving what they are in search of. But if we stop responding to their demotivating ways, then we can put an end to the entire cycle of viciousness.

imagesPut on the habit of forgiveness: Whenever we are in an event where we are the victims of somebody else’s actions or words, then at that moment, rather than thinking of revealing out your vengeance on that person, it would be extremely nice if you can think twice how you can forgive him or her, and what good would it do if you took revenge. This would help you in seeing things in a new light.

Stop discussing much about the issue at hand: It might be true that the problem posed by some people confront us to such a big extent that we feel like discussing it with other people and having a shoulder to lean on to. But what we do not realize or fail to see is that whenever we are faced with such an event, we find that others simply like taking part in discussions on it and we become scapegoats of indulging in these discussions and end up sharing them with anybody and everybody, since it gives us a kind of relief as well. We narrate to others how much we dislike a particular individual or a situation. What we fail to see during these times is that the more we are engaged in these type of criticizing discussions as well as talks, the more are the chances of that particular person or event getting worse, at least in our eyes. The best advice regarding this would be to completely put an end to devoting time for it and stop discussing about it as well. At the same time, put an end to all the repetition about it before others.

Wait for sometime: There are many a times when we feel like reacting to an event immediately at the drop of a hat. However, rather than taking care of things, they only add on to the problem of the situation. We should instead, allow little time for us to cool off which would help us in making a better decision regarding the problem at hand. Even if you are planning to respond, wait for sometime before doing that.

Apart from the above cited methods, there is also the necessity of a good deal of practice to work upon the feelings that might envelope one when faced with a negative event, caused by someone difficult to handle. However, in spite of the amount of practice that we put on in this particular endeavor, there might still be moments, when we are completely bogged down by a particular situation. It is then when we have to begin with the practice once again adhering to the above mentioned points, which with time would become easier for you to remember in knowing how to deal with difficult people. Agreed that being humans, we all have our own sweet egos to deal with, and which need a little bit of pampering from time to time; but then by keeping a check on how far we let our egos take the upper hand and rather put in a bit of emotional check, we can add on to our own mental as well as physical condition and save a situation turning for the worse.

How to Deal with Death

How to deal with death

How to deal with death

We all enjoy the birth of a new baby amidst us. But then we equally dread at the thought of some of our loved ones passing away. As we human beings arrive on the earth, we also have to leave it one fine day, away from all our near and dear ones. The icy hands of destiny do not shower its mercy on any human being. At that moment, all the other facts are reduced to a mere nothing and no matter how influential, loved or wealthy, he or she had been, they all become useless and it is beyond the capacity of anybody to save him or her from the clutches of death. In spite of being aware of the fact that one day or the other everyone has to leave this earth, nevertheless we still grieve at the death of our loved ones. We are at that point of time, enveloped with a lot of emotions, the most important of them being the feeling of grief and a sense of loss, which cannot be expressed in mere words. This does not happen at merely the death of our family members, but also in the case of the death of our friends. No matter at that point of time, how best we try to avoid such emotions and find out how to deal with death, they only appear to grip us in their clutches even more.

The fact is the order of our lives alters owing to the death of somebody, and the sooner we try to accept this bitter truth, the better. However, there are bound to be those days when we experience the feelings of life returning back to its earlier normal state, but then we have to accept the fact that life would never be the same any more in the absence of him/her. The moment or the day we have come to accept as well as realize this truth, we would have come back to our normal state of lives.

No matter how much other people might try to advice us not to mourn too much over the death of someone, we cannot but do exactly that. However, as contrary to what they have to say about the fact that crying over their loss is not good for us, the truth is something else. Grieving at the loss of our loved ones actually aid us in getting over the feelings of grief and loss in a better and faster manner than if we would have concealed or tried to suppress our emotions. It helps us in coping with the adversity at hand and being healed faster. The deep as well as intense feelings of grief and heart-break indicates the fact that the connection with that individual has been severed forever. No doubt, mourning at the death and loss of a person is something unfortunate, but then we also have to accept as well as understand the fact that it is extremely essential in our process of getting over the fact that our family member or friend would never come back to us ever again. When we say that we have to go ahead of all these emotions, it  does not imply the fact that we have to forget everything about the person who has expired. Besides, it is said that, we need to enjoy our lives once again in the same way as before. This does not mean that we are not sensing the absence of our friend. Moreover, being rid of all the feelings of grief and loss does not imply the fact that we are betraying our loyalties towards our loved ones, who have passed away. It merely means that we have got rid of the sudden sense of grief as well as loss that we had experienced out of the blue, and that it has decreased to some extent with each passing day.

Even though, all of us experience the emotions of grief at the sudden death of somebody, our reactions to that differs, based on our individual character traits and personalities. Of course, the basic feelings over the passing away of an individual is similar in most of the human beings.

Back in the year, 1969, an eminent psychiatrist by the name of Elisabeth Kubler-Ross had conducted an extensive research as well as study of the behavior patterns of a person who suddenly had to go through emotions of extreme grief and loss, owing to the demise of a near and dear one among the immediate circle of family or friends , and she had come up with some interesting observations. These she had brought out in the form of “five stages of grief” which have been basically deduced after taking into consideration people who had had to go through the feelings of death, tragedy as well as unfortunate loss of a loved one. The people who had been taken into consideration as part of her research and study work were mainly terminally ill patients, mostly suffering from cancer and depending on her observations, Kubler-Ross had come up with the following phases which an individual facing loss have to bear through.

  • How to deal with deathNot being able to accept the death of the person: The very first response in most of us after the death of a family member or friend is that of denial. That is to say, at the moment we get the piece of news regarding the expiry of our loved one, we are in a state wherein we are not able to come to terms with the fact that he or she is no longer alive. What we go through at that point of time is that our brains immediately give a cover making us go through the emotions of denial of the reality.
  • Feelings of anger enveloping us: The next reaction in us is that of a feeling of extreme anger and outrage about the fact that why was that unfortunate thing happening to us and not to some other individual. We are left with questions that ask, “Why is this event taking place only with me?” and “Who is to be blamed for it?” It is as if, had we found out the source causing that thing to happen, we would have avenged the death of our near and dear ones.
  • We try to bargain: The other thing we do at this point of time is to begin bargaining with ourselves that had this unfortunate thing not occurred, then we would have done an act of goodness or the other. If possible, we also try our level best to believe that there is still a bit of hope left in the form of that news of death of that person turning out to be false.
  • The stage of depression: As is so very common, the next feeling that overtakes us is the natural feeling of depression, which has found the highest mention in the books as well as columns on health in the modern times, like no other disease. We are forced to live in a state where no task interests us anymore and we experience a state wherein, nothing seems worth doing or worth thinking about.
  • Learn to accept the biter truth: The last stage that follows among all these stages is the stage of accepting of the fact that we are no longer fortunate enough to experience the company of that individual who has passed away. It is probably this feeling of accepting of the truth that finally brings about in us a bit of peace.

Even though these as found out by Kubler-Ross, are a few of the normal symptoms at the news of the death of our loved ones and the eventual emotions of grief and loss, one cannot say for sure if these would take place with one and all. However, it is the process of finding out and understanding of the feelings of grief as well as loss and their associated symptoms which in turn aid us in knowing how to deal with death of our loved ones. Besides, we have to recognize the differences between the common problem of depression and the worse form of trauma.

Moreover, we need to find out, recognize, and understand how to deal with death as the subsequent anxiety as well as stress following the death of a family member or friend can have a bad toll on our bodies and minds. We have to adhere to the natural measures for that, or else the other artificial methods can no doubt have an instant effect in relieving us of the pain and suffering, but then in the long run, they would leave us in a state wherein we are affected emotionally, physically as well as spiritually. One of the few first steps in this direction can be looking after our own bodies, spending as much of time as possible with people whom we admire and who love us back in return and trying to pay our visits to the community services of the church. It is something obvious that the sudden passing away of our loved ones leave us in a state of utter grief as well as shock, but what we need to tell ourselves at this point of time is that, no doubt the damage has been done, but what you can do is to move ahead in life, with the hope that whatever actions you undertake, would add to the glory of the deceased one.

How to Deal with Anxiety

How to deal with Anxiety

How to deal with Anxiety

Have you faced a situation when you have been lying in the bed for more than an hour and you are still finding it extremely difficult to fall asleep. There might be different thoughts and worries encircling your mind, but whatever it is, you are simply not able to put your mind to rest, as it does not seem to leave you at peace. The next problem to bother you is the fact that you would not be able to perform your tasks in the office the next day owing to lack of sleep. Then you tell yourself that it is high time for you to fall asleep. But even that does not aid you in falling asleep. This is something which is being faced by almost all the people at some point of time or the other in their lives. However, you can adopt a few measures in order to find out how to deal with anxiety in the best possible manner. In most cases the person with this disorder is asked to be positive and stop thinking about the problem at hand.

The mantra for how to deal with anxiety is to get in charge of one’s life as well as the situations that is the cause of anxiety. We also have to develop a different approach to our feelings and thoughts. Some of the preventive methods about how to deal with anxiety are given as follows:

  • Repeat thinking about the anxiety till you are bored to death: For example, you have a fear of riding in the elevator alone. In this case, the best advice would be to continue riding the elevator as many as a thousand times at a stretch to be rid of the scare of riding elevators. The effect of it would be that at the first time you might be extremely nervous and stressed out. But as you do that over and over again, you would find the fear gradually decreasing. There would come a time when you would be absolutely free of the scare of riding elevators alone. The only effect that would remain is that you would be sick of riding elevators. Therefore, you need to continue with the thought that is making you anxious and think about it again and again, silently as well as slowly for as much as twenty minutes. It is extremely hard to continue thinking about something for a long duration of time till you are bored with it. This is called the boredom cure.
  • Know what is going to actually happen and what is not: There are many occasions when most of what we had imagined and thought of never came out to be actually true. Many a times, we can feel and sense that our heart beat has increased for some reason and feel as if we are going to have a heart attack, which we however know is our body’s natural reaction to some kind of arousal. Even though we find that these are clues for some event to take place, and that we should be concerned regarding them, even if they are nothing more than panic attacks, are merely something no more than background noise. One of the best possible manners to deal with them is to simply let them pass by after we have noticed them.images
  • Imagine your anxiety as something fake and not real: You can know how to deal with anxiety by merely imagining that there is no real base or root cause of your worry, and that everything is simply a show and there is nothing real in that. You can well imagine that it is a film and that there is a funny little guy who dances and is singing out your anxiety and you are being seated among the audience and enjoying his performance.
  • Make it worse: If we concentrate too much on controlling our anxieties and worries, the result is that they only increase more with each passing day. What you can do instead is to actually increase the anxiety by acting in the way you are worried about in the actual situation and see the reaction of it. What you would find is that it actually does not make a difference in the real situation even if you are anxious.

The basic mantra is not to concentrate too much on some things, because most of the time than not, they are simply things that have been fancied about and imagined, which have no basis in reality. Besides, by doing so, we only make things hard for ourselves. Rather, we should relax and focus our energies only on the more important things and try our level best to avoid the unnecessary thoughts which trouble us from time to time. If we have been able to do that, then we can say that we have found the method regarding how to deal with anxiety. Life is composed of all these methods which make us grow each day by surfacing through the adversities of life and coming out victories from them, learning from each of them in the process and growing as human beings.

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