How to Celebrate New Year’s Day

How to Celebrate New Year's Day

How to Celebrate New Year's Day

Even though old events or things, no doubt hold their own meaning, it also at the same time makes sense to make way for newer events or things, as almost everything has a beauty or significance of its own. In the same manner, as one year comes to an end, automatically it needs to be replaced by another year for the cycle of life to continue on this earth. Even though, the earlier year has taught us many a thing and we have acquired many an experience, the new year also will bring with its advent, many more things to know as well as learn from. With the coming of the new year’s day, people are upto displaying fireworks at the strike of the clock at twelve p.m. at midnight to begin the new year in style, making many new year resolutions, taking part in different parades as well as taking part in sports events. New Year, each year is generally in most of the countries or places across the globe celebrated on the 1st of January, that is considered as the very first day of the year according to the Gregorian calendar and the Julian calendar of the modern times, which were applied or used for different purposes in ancient Rome. As most of the countries across the globe follow or use the Gregorian calendar in the form of their main calendar, because of this reason, New Year’s Day is perhaps the only day on earth observed as a global public holiday. This day is observed as a postal holiday in America or the United States of America. In fact, celebrating new year’s day has become so customary that it is now probably one of the earliest customs or traditions that have been followed all across the globe from times immemorial. In fact, if one is thinking how to celebrate new year’s day, we are here laying down methods for the same.

The ear-piercing shrieks or shouts of people or revelers celebrating the new year’s day is what we get to hear on this important or momentous day. Then one also gets to hear the church bells ringing as well as the horns tooting and this happens in almost all places or regions across the globe, especially in those countries where new year is celebrated on the 1st of January, together with the rest of the people of the world. In fact, some people also watch the new years’s day parades across the globe sitting in the comfort of one’s home on this important day, while other people just be with their family, go visiting their relatives, especially if they could not make time for the same throughout the rest of the earlier year. This celebration of new year’s day at least gives people ample chances to come home to their family and friends. In fact, so to say, the mere fact of greeting the new year is reason enough for many people for finding time for celebration, lots of entertainment as well as making resolutions. The significance behind many people making their new year resolutions on the 1st of January each and every year is due to the fact that, this particular festival of the year is an advent into the beginning of the new year, and a best or perfect time for making clean or a new beginning or so to say, new year’s resolutions. In fact, many people making their new year’s resolutions on this very important or significant day determine or make a promise to themselves for acting or behaving in a better way in that present year as compared to the year before.

One aspect of new year’s day is that, there is no other day or festival on the earth which has been observed in so many different manners as well as on so many different dates. For each and every country, this new year’s day hold their own special beliefs or meaning or significance. In the United States of America, many people celebrate new year’s day on the 1st of January by either being a part of or by throwing late night parties on the 31st of December.

Another funny aspect of New Year’s celebrations in some countries is by assembling on the beaches and jumping into the water as a celebration. Especially in America, Canada, England, Ireland and the Netherlands this is common. At times, these are called Polar Bear Plunges ,held by groups or organizations for collecting money for some charitable purpose. In fact, Polar Bear Clubs in cities near the Northern Hemisphere having water bodies have this tradition of holding water plunges for people on this day.

In China, many people observe new year’s day for many days between the 17th of January and the 19th of February, at around the time when the moon is new in the sky. This period of time in Chinese is called as Yuan Tan. Lanterns are lighted on the streets by the Chinese people around this time of the year making use of more than thousands of lanterns for lighting up the path or way for the New Year. A popular belief in China is that evil spirits roam around on the earth during the New Year and for this, they burst firecrackers for scaring off the spirits as well as at the same time, seal off all of their doors and windows with the aid of paper for driving out the evil demons.

In European countries, mainly in Italy, the Netherlands and Portugal, families begin the New Year by first and foremost attending church services. After that, people go to pay a visit to their family members or friends. Boys as well as girls in Italy get or receive gifts in the form of money on New Year’s day. In these European countries, New Year is greeted with private fireworks and in a few countries of Europe, bonfires are made from discarded Christmas trees.

In France, people consider the weather as the prediction of the coming year and for this very reason, a lot of attention is centred around the weather on this momentous day of the New Year. If in case, the wind blows from the eastern side, it means that fruits would yield; if in case the wind blows from the west, it means that fish as well as livestock will be bumper; if in case the wind blows from the north, it means that crops would fail and if the wind blows from the south, it means that, there will be a pleasant weather for the rest of the year. In fact, here in France, many people believe that if they finish off the remaining wine from the earlier year, only will they gain a beautiful year ahead. For this very reason, many people carry on toasting for the advent of the New Year till the 3rd of January.

In Greece, New Year’s Day is celebrated as Saint Basil’s festival and on this particular day, children leave their shoes near the fireside, i.e. on New Year’s Day and hope or wish that being known for his kind-heartedness, Saint Basil would come and fill in their shoes with a lot of gifts or goodies.

imagesIn Iran, New Year is celebrated in the month of March and it signifies not just the start of a new year as per the solar calendar, but at the same time bahar, or the advent of spring season.

In Japan, on the eve of the New Year’s day, people are seen to dress up in their new dresses or clothes as well as their homes are beautifully decorated with bamboo and branches of pine, both believed to be symbols of longevity.

According to the Jewish New Year, called as Rosh Hashanah, people need to recall all of the events that they did wrong in the earlier year as well as make promises to themselves to do better and not to repeat those mistakes in the future. At this holy time of the year, children are given new clothes to put on, New year loaves are baked reminding people of the harvest time of the year as well as special services are held in the synagogues.

In London, England, people assemble in thousands along the embankment of the River Thames for catching a glimpse of fireworks around London Eye. With the strike of Big Ben at 12, New Year begins officially.

In Scotland, the festival of New Year is called as Hogmanay and on this day, across all of the villages, barrels of tar are set afire and rolled down the streets, symbolizing that the earlier year has been burned up as well as at the same time, the coming or new year has been allowed to enter into the lives of the people. In fact, in Scotland, there are many customs for celebrating the new year.

According to customs in Spain, one needs to have in one’s hand twelve grapes, at the time of the clock striking twelve on New Year’s eve. One grape needs to be eaten at each stroke and if all of the grapes can be consumed by twelve strikes, it brings in something good in the coming year.

Sydney contributes in its own special way each year to the New Year celebrations.

In New York city’s Times Square, New Year is celebrated with the famous ball drop in the United States of America.

The earlier year has passed by and people begin the New year by recalling the happy or sad moments of the earlier year. These announcements are made on the radio and the television as well as in the newspapers and all of this begins from the beginning of December of the earlier year. All of these announcements or articles make a review of all of the changes during the earlier year. All in all, people begin or greet the New Year with renewed hope that come what may or however bad or unfortunate the earlier year had been, the coming year or the year ahead would bring with its advent, fresh or renewed hope for one and all.